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Eminence Overnight Correcting Cream Review

Updated on September 22, 2017
Chantel Straite profile image

Chantel has worked in the beauty industry since 2013. Providing and personalizing skincare treatments as an esthetician.

Eminence Overnight Correcting Cream

The Eminence Overnight correcting cream is designed to help lighten and diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation. In conjunction to the bright skin collection (bright skin cleanser, exfoliating peel, masque, booster serum, and day cream). While using the bright skin collection, you can expect the dark spots to lighten within 3 months.

I personally love this night cream, it's very hydrating while delivering a unique blend of effective skin lightening ingredients. The best thing about this bright skin collection is the NATURAL hydroquinone alternative. I personally do not want to use hydroquinone for its unknown carcinogenic response in the skin (controversial). This line boasts about the skin lightening benefits of African Potato, tara tree, gigawhite, licorice root extract (Love!), bearberry extract, and stone crop. In addition to the skin lightening complex, there is turmeric in this formula! I feel like everyone knows about the great healthy benefits of turmeric. However turmeric has a great antiaging response when applied topically. Turmeric helps lighten hyperpigmentation and the spiciness helps with circulation. A perfect ingredient for this line. With all of these proven lightening ingredients, they mimic the skins lightening response that the hydroquinone would. These natural ingredients are skin loving and do not trigger a said carcinogenic response. These ingredients not only help lighten hyperpigmentation but they prevent the reforming of the dark spots.

This cream has a slight scent, which is all natural. No synthetic fragrances with this line! This cream has lemon and lemongrass oil in it. I personally feel like the bright skin collection smells like clean linen.

This is a thick cream, like most of eminence hydrators it is recommended to dilute them with water, tea, or juice. I personally like the added hydration and do not dilute them. This does melt into the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and soft.

An example of a skincare regimen that I would recommend:




Citrus + Kale C + E serum

bright skin booster serum

bright skin day cream




Citrus + Kale C + E serum

Bamboo firming fluid

Rosehip C + E firming oil

Overnight correcting cream

Of course everyone has different skin conditions and concerns. However this is a good routine for someone who wants to brighten and lighten dark pigmented skin. This skincare routine is what works for me. I have designed this routine for many of my clients, keeping in mind each individual skin condition and type. Feel free to customize the cleanser, toner, and the nighttime booster serum. It is important to know that what works on you might not work for someone else. So take this sample routine into consideration and adjust it accordingly.

I feel as if this overnight cream has been a much needed addition to the eminence collection. It is a must for someone who wants to lighten the pesky dark spots. It is important to keep in mind that with skin lightening, it does take some time. You should see results In 8 weeks. It took years for that pigment to come to the surface, so it wont be lightened overnight.

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