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Energie Fashion Clothing and Accessories

Updated on January 24, 2012

Energie Italian Clothing and Accessories

Energie is an Italian line of urban and denim clothing mainly focused on men's fashions but also offering looks for women. It is operated under the Jones Apparel Group. Energie also produces shoes and accessories for men include tennis shoes, belts, bags, sunglasses, knit caps and glasses frames. Its pieces are organized into collections: Blastin' World - printed tshirts, Wild Bandit - leather and vintage look denim, Sport Attack - sportswear and military looks, Ghost Rider "Easy Rider" inspired 1960s-style looks and Denim.

In addition to the online store, Energie has its own retail locations in various US cities. You can also purchase Energie items on Zappos, Overstock,, Yahoo Shopping, eModa and other fashion sites. Read on to see the latest Energie looks and purchase some items.

Energie's YouTube Channel - Runway shows, ads and more..

Energie has its own YouTube Channel. Be sure to check back to see the latest looks from them every season.

Energie Clothing Store
Energie Clothing Store

Where can you buy Energie clothing?

At their own website or other discount outlets.

Energie Clothing has its own website: The site not only serves as a hub for their facebook, twitter, myspace and youtube accounts, it also has an online store and an area where you can 'join the club' and sign up for emails from Energie. is an online retailer where you can purchase Energie men's clothing. Overstock has been known to carry Energie women's clothing from time to time as well. You can purchase Energie clothing on Yahoo Shopping. Try shopping at as well.

Of course, you can always shop for second-hand Energie clothing online at eBay.

Shop for 2nd-Hand Energie Clothing on eBay - Current Energie Clothing Auctions

The Energie clothing, shoes and accessories featured at these auctions will automatically change with what is available on eBay.

Mens Energie Jeans on Amazon

What CAN'T you buy on Amazon? Amazon offers Energie Jeans for men. Check these Energie men's denim styles currently available on

How does Energie describe itself?

Quoted from the Energie Website

As taken from the Energie website:

With its strong denim and urban style, ENERGIE does not follow established trends and is always focused on the selection of quality materials, advance treatments and production techniques.

  • BLASTIN WORLD: ultimate rockstar pieces include print T-shirts emblazoned with images of screaming fans, wild rockers and guitars.
  • WILD BANDIT: worn-effect leather and vintage-look denim pays homage to the Wild West.
  • SPORT ATTACK: sportswear and military looks battle it out and combine to form a vibrant street-style hybrid.
  • GHOST RIDER: a ride back to the Swinging Sixties, referencing "Easy Rider" style via ergonomic cuts and Sixties-look statement pieces.
  • DENIM: Energie denim evolves once more, paying ever greater attention to detail in order to create stand-out, individual pieces.

Key styles are the skinny low-crotch LEAGUE, the slim fit VIRGO, the regular fit CRIO.

Favourite styles are updated, such as ARIES and SCORPIO.

Mens Energie Jackets and Outerwear

Not only dealing in men's Energie brand jeans, Amazon also offers men's Energie brand jackets and outerwear.

Do you own any Energie pieces? Do you dream of having Energie clothing? What do you think of their quality? Do you like their style? Sound off here.

Do you wear Energie Clothing?

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