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Everything About Eyelash Curling

Updated on May 26, 2014

Eyelash curlers have been around for many years. They were not so popular 10 years ago but as time went on more and more woman started to realise the benefits of using an eyelash curler. Woman love to look beautiful and make every effort to make themselves attractive and care about how they look.

In today’s world the beauty industry is massive and it affects most women. Women love to keep up with fashion updates and like to know what cosmetics are good and which don’t really work. It has become the same with beauty tools too. There are hundreds of hair style devices, facial tools and cosmetics.

One subject that has become very popular is eye beauty. When you have eye beauty it becomes the perfect package with your facial beauty and hair beauty. To increase eye beauty woman love to use mascara and eye liners etc. But the wonderful tool we want to focus on in this article is an eyelash curler.

Kim Kardashian & J Lo Eyelashes

What is an Eyelash Curler?

An eyelash curler is a small to medium device that looks like a pair of scissors. But at the end of the device it is not sharp. It has a clamping action with a pair of rubbers to clamp the eyelashes and curl them gently. This device is only used in curling eyelashes. Most women only use this curling device to only curl the upper part of their eyes. But if you want to you can do the bottom part of the lashes too.

Eyelash curler comes in different styles, weight, material and colour. Common device tend to be of metal as they are more popular and stronger. Prices can include from $2 to $40. The more you pay the better the quality but there are some very good quality lash curlers at discounted prices too.


Many women ask do eyelash curlers work?

Every woman have different styles of doing things and when it comes to facial and hair they all have a preferred way of getting their desired results. But when it comes to an eyelash curler the basic principles apply to all women.

You place the curlers in front of your eye, place on lashes and squeeze gently with a pumping action. So this will curl your lashes. Some woman say that lash curlers do not work is because they don’t really know how to use such a simple device. It could a bit of time and patience and with a little practice they will see it does work.

A big tip is to watch some YouTube videos on how to use an eyelash curler. People will do live demonstrations and you will see how easy it is!

Eyelash Curling Tips On Youtube

Are Eyelash Curler Good Or Bad?

There has been lots of talk about if eyelash curlers are good or bad. Many women say that it is bad because it cuts or pulls their lashes out of their eyes. On the other hand many women say they get the perfect curls and love to use them.

What we need to understand is that when it comes to using a device on you it takes time and practise. If somebody did not have a good experience with a curler then we need to ask why?

  • Was it because they did not use it correctly?
  • Did they buy the correct curler for their eye?
  • Was the rubber on the curler device in good condition?
  • Did they press too hard or pull too hard?

As you can see people will have good and bad experiences with any product. Learn how to use a curler device properly and you will be good to go.

How To Use An Eyelash Curler Properly!

For best results you should always read the instructions on the curler device package. It should explain on how to use that particular device. The basic principles apply to all eyelash curlers. They are

1) Make sure your lashes are dry and clean

2) Carefully place the curler opening in front of your upper lashes

3) Move the curler to the base of the lashes without touching the eyelid skin

4) Slowly close the curler device with your eye open

5) Squeeze and hold for a minimum of 5 seconds

6) Repeat with the other eye.


Following Eyelash Curler Instructions

It is very important that you read instructions on the package first. This will give you a head start on how to use the curler device. This will also help you to get to have a feel of how the eyelash curler works best. Before you know it the curlers will become one of your best friends.

Eyelash Curlers Pros and Cons

The pros are:

1) Can be purchased at a reasonable price.

2) There are many Brands and Sizes to choose from.

3) They are small and practical.

4) The device can last you many years.

5) The rubber can always be replaced every 3 months at a cheap price.

6) They are safer to use than heated eyelash curlers.

The cons are:

1) It can take a while to get the desired curls on your lashes. You need practise.

2) You might damage your lashes if you do not use it correctly.

3) You need to keep the rubbers clean frequently.

4) You can accidentally pinch your eyelid skin.

Application, Tips & Tricks Of False Eyelashes

Quality in Eyelash Curlers

Because there is so many eyelash curlers on the market there are also different qualities too. As we mention there are metal and plastic lash curler devices. Some frames are thicker than other others. Some might be heavier. They all fit different eye sizes so the rubber is very important to.

Many women tend to think that the more expensive an eyelash curler is the higher quality it is too. This is a big mistake as there are some very reasonable priced curlers that are very high in quality. The secret is to just do a bit of homework and search around the stores online or at your local city centre shopping mall.

Many lash devices last very long which can be years and years. Some eyelash curlers break because they are plastic and thin. Metal curlers are much better as they have a much stronger frame. Even the thin metal frames are tough.

So What Eyelash Curler Brands Are There?

If you love buying products that have a very good brand name then eyelash curlers do not fall short of this. Brand named curler tend to sell much more and have better quality in their products. The eyelash curler brands are:

1) Shimarz

2) Shu Uemura

3) Shisheido

4) Tweezerman

5) Sephora

6) Maybelline

7) The Body Shop

8) Ruby and Millie

9) Blinc

10) Tarte Picture


Are Their Videos Online About Eyelash Curlers?

If you want to watch videos about eyelash curlers then there are hundreds of videos online. Many I have come across are how to curl your eyelash and eyelash curling tips videos which are very interesting and educating.

If you visit YouTube you can watch unlimited videos on eyelash curlers. They are free to watch and you might become an expert on how to curl lashes.

Videos are more fun and are a way to learn quickly and excellent to see a live demonstration. Sometimes trying to follow written instruction can be frustrating at times. But with video it’s plain and simple.

Is It Better To Use An Eyelash Curler Before Or After Mascara?

Many women have different styles of curling their eyelashes. Some women apply mascara before they curl with a curler and some women apply mascara after they curl with a curler.

It is also well known that if you curl your lashes after applying mascara then your lashes have a much higher chance of breaking. This is because your lashes are much stiffer and stronger because of the mascara and curling them with a curler will break them.

So the best thing to do is the always curl your lashes first before applying mascara. You will not break your eyelashes and applying mascara after will complete your eyelash curler with a more beautiful look.

Also to keep your eyelash curlers clean it is best not to have mascara stains on the rubber. It will destroy the life of the rubber. Curling your lashes with hard, dried out mascara stained eyelash curler is not recommended.

Applying Mascara Tips YouTube Video

Eyelash Curlers before and After Pictures Below

Here are some pictures of real results!


Do Eyelash Curlers Cut Off Eyelashes?

The answer is no! If you use a curler properly with the right amount of pressure and technique then you will not cut your eyelashes off. It is very important too that the rubber on your curling device is not so hard and rigid. Go for eyelash curlers that have soft rubbers. It will treat your lashes well.

Eyelash Curler Comparison

There are so many eyelash curlers on the market and they all have good and bad points. Prices change with design and style. The best advice we can give is go to and read the reviews on all the curlers and decide from that point. You cannot go wrong with the unbiased approach.

Eyelash Curlers For Small Eyes, Asian Eyes and Short Eyelashes?

When it comes to eyelash curlers there are 2 sizes. One size is for small eyes and the other is for big eyes. To find out what eyelash curlers is right for your eye size is to look at the opening size and the width of the frame. Not the size of the handles but the width size on the rubber end where you will place your lashes in.

This will help you determine which eyelash curler will fit women with small eyes.

With women who have short eyelashes is does not matter which curlers you use. It is the rubber and technique that will still curl your eyelashes. There is a woman who had very short eyelashes and posted her review on on a particular eyelash curler she used on her short eyelashes that led to fantastic results.

Eyelash curlers for Asian eyes are the same as any other curler. Any curler can fit any woman as long as you get the size right. Asian woman tend to have bigger eyes. This is why they have such eye beauty. So wider curlers will be best for Asian eyes.

Apply Eye Shadow Like A Pro YouTube Video

Can Eyelash Curlers Make A Difference?

Yes eyelash curlers can make a big difference to your eye beauty if used correctly. Lashes are not naturally curled and if they are curled they make your eyes stand out and make them look very attractive.

Use mascara after applying the curling device to your lashes. This will finish the final step. Some women have very dark lashes and might not need mascara.

Use your eyelash curler properly and see the big difference it makes. You will be getting great compliments!

What Are Eyelash Curler Prices?

Eyelash curlers can be purchased from anywhere between $2 - $40. Some ladies think that buying expensive curlers is not worth it but some women don’t mind paying the higher price. But this does not mean that expensive eyelash curlers are good or suit your eyes. Cheap or reasonable priced curler can be just as good too. You just have to shop around and do a bit of homework.

A good tip is to buy eyelash curlers with a money back guarantee!

Are you looking for eyelash curler online?

It can be very frustrating trying to buy eyelash curlers online. The first problem you face is that there are so many websites that sell eyelash curlers. The second problem is can you trust that website with your payment. The third problem could be you have not actually decided which brand, design, size and style you would like. There are not many websites online that cover all these 3 issues. But with you can. If you visit you can:

1) See all different brands, sizes and designs

2) Read unbiased customers on each eyelash curler

3) Be assured that is a very trusted site and has guaranteed delivery and money back guarantees.

4) sells millions of products on their website. A well established and trusted website/company.


Eyelash Curlers On as you have read from above is a very well established and trusted site online. Amazon is the biggest ecommerce site online. I you have not been to visit amazon then please have a little wonder around and see for yourself how good it is. When you visit you just need to search for eyelash curlers and you will then see a whole list of them.

Amazon has many varieties so you should see a lash curler you like.

In this last month we noticed that a new eyelash curler has been launched. It is called Shimarz Eyelash Curler. It is priced very reasonably and looks very sexy & Pink too. Otherwise there are many more brands and design for you to choose from.

Eyelash curlers tips

Here below are some tips that can help you with your eyelash curler:

1) Keep your curlers clean from mascara stains and grease (dirty rubbers affect results)

2) Hold your lashes 10-30 seconds

3) Longer you hold the better the lashes

4) Never pull your eyelash curler

5) Always put mascara after on your lashes

6) Keep your eyelash curler in a bag

Are Cheap Eyelash Curlers Good?

Cheap eyelash curlers are all over the Internet. Some women have really good experiences and some women have really bad experiences with cheap eyelashes curlers. Cheap curlers can be good and bad. Cheap eyelash curlers can be very low quality and can break very quickly. They famous saying is “you get what you pay for” But some days there can be half prices sales on or coupon offers on certain curlers.

Just because something is cheap does not mean it cannot last a very long time or give you the same benefits /results as a higher price product.

It all comes down to your own judgement of the product with that cheap price tag. Reading reviews about that cheap eyelash curler will help you to decide.

Kim Kardashian's Make up Tutorial

Eyelash Curlers That Don’t Pull Out Eyelashes

Some women have said online that they get their own lashes pulled out with their curler. This is because of 2 two reasons. The first reason is that the rubber pad might be sticking to your lashes. This will result in lashes being pulled out. You need to make sure you always clean the rubber and your lashes before each use.

The second reason why your lashes are being pulled out is because you have the wrong eyelash curler for your eye. Every curler is a different size and shape. Every woman has a different eyelid shape and you need to get the best possible shape match for your eye.

So you might need to shop around and get the best fit for your eyes.

Eyelash Curlers That Work For You

If you find that using an eyelash curler is not working for you, it could be frustrating at times. All the eyelash curlers do the same job and requires a bit of time and practise. It is always advised to follow the following steps:

1) Are the rubber pads clean and in good condition? Bad conditioned rubbers will not curl lashes properly.

2) Are you using the proper technique?

3) Is the eyelash curler the right size and shape for your eye?

Hopefully this will help you get your eyelash curler working for you instead of looking for a curler that works. But if you have tried the above and it is still not working for you then you will need to buy a different curler.


Eyelash Curler For Big Eyes

If you have big beautiful eyes then you need to get an eyelash curler that is wide enough and big enough for your eyes. This is so you can curl your eyelashes properly without any harm.

On wide opening lash curlers they will catch all your lashes from corner to corner of each eye. This will make sure you can curl each lash properly.

Many women don’t know how to choose the right eyelash curlers for their eyes. The best way to do this is to match the width of the curler with the width of your eyes. This way you will know you have got the right curler for your big beautiful eyes.

Eyelash Curlers That Don’t Pinch

Some women complain that eyelash curlers pinch their eyes. They often complain that it is the actual curling device or the rubber. But the real problem is that woman use the eyelash curler to close to their eyelid.

Curlers that are too close to the eyelid will pinch the skin. The best way to combat this problem is to clamp the rubber NOT too close to your eyelids. All eyelash curlers do not pinch. It is how we use it that pinches. So use them correctly!

Best Eyelash Curler

Is there really a best eyelash curler??

There are many brands and designs and often people think that there is a best product. But let’s be honest there is no perfect product or a best product. It is really how you can get the best results out of a product. We buy products that offer us solutions to our problems. So if you really want the best eyelash curler then you need to learn and practise how to get the best results from your eyelash curler not trying to find the best curler.

Eyelash Curler Reviews Online

There are hundreds of reviews online about each eyelash curler being sold on the Internet. These reviews are good and bad. There are a lot of websites that claim to have unbiased reviews but really they are trying to sell their own product.

If you are looking for unbiased and honest reviews for each eyelash curler then please visit

Hundreds of people buy from every hour and when each person buys they leave a review of that product they purchased after they have used it for a while. They will say what they really feel about the product and what they experienced along the way. These buyers are not selling anything so their reviews are the most trustworthy online.



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    • Bianca Montevista profile image

      Bianca Montevista 

      7 years ago

      Shimarz eyelash curler must be pretty good for you to be using it in explaining all about eyelash curling, which by the way I found very informative. I use Eye & Mighty which I purchased online at So far it’s giving me the curls I look for in a curler. So I’m happy with that.


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