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Face Exercises - Look Your Best Naturally

Updated on February 8, 2010
Face Exercises Can Be Fun
Face Exercises Can Be Fun

Face Exercises - Look Good And Feel Great

Have you heard of face exercises? In fact, facial exercises have been around for decades. But its popularity grew only in recent years. Nowadays, you find both men and women doing face exercises. They are into fitness and beauty, and want to have a youthful looking face, to go with an equally toned body.

Your face forms the first impression others make of you. So, I guess that's pretty important. And while we do not have to look perfect like a glam fashion model, we do want to feel good about our looks.

Celebrities and models are doing face exercises. And so are regular people. There must be some good in this form of facial workout even though there are individuals who disagree.

Well, read on if you think you have a "face problem", or you simply want to have a lean, attractive, youthful face.

Image Credit: lepiaf.geo

Your Face Muscles Need Exercise Too

There are about 57 muscles in the face. And I'm sure you realize that your face is the most expressive part of your body. The face muscles have the ability to a wider range of movements than any other muscle groups. Think of all the various expression you can make(e.g. smile, frown, pout, wink), and you'll know what I mean.

Your facial muscles liked to be exercised. Different face muscle groups response to specific face exercises, somewhat like your body muscles when you workout. In fact, all muscles in the body benefit from exercise.

When you exercise regularly, the muscles have a tendency to increase in size and firmness. For example, exercises based on the principle of resistance training, like lifting a dumbbell, tone the muscles and plump up the biceps.

Similarly, doing the proper face exercises can tone the face muscles, and give the face an uplift appearance.

Often, women practice face exercises because they want to get rid of wrinkles. Men, on the other hand, are motivated for different reasons. Men want a more defined jaw line and possibly the "chiseled" look. But, of course, both sexes agree on one point, the desire to look younger.

Are You Happy With Your Face?

Here are some common problems people have of their face. Give your vote. Which of these beauty issues is bothering you?

See results
Am I Doing The Face Exercise Right?
Am I Doing The Face Exercise Right?

Face Exercises - Fitness And Beauty For Your Face

The good news is ...there is a solution to the problems. People who do face exercises regularly have experienced improvements in their face contour and skin tone.

If your goal is to get rid of your chubby cheeks or to lose the double chin, then practicing facial exercises alone might not produce the best results for you.

When trying to lose face fat, fitness experts usually recommend a combination of diet plan and specialized face exercises. Some even include aerobic exercise, especially for those with weight problems.

A comprehensive program usually teach you what foods to eat and how to do a series of specific face exercises. This enables you to target different problem areas of the cheek, chin and neck.

Image Credit: joncampbell

Face Exercise - Lose Your Chubby Cheeks

Try This Simple Face Exercise

Here is an example of a face exercise that help you lose face fat. The purpose of the exercise is to sculpt your chubby cheeks and stretch your facial muscles and contour.

  1. Close your mouth.
  2. Blow air under your top lip, puff it out (Your mouth remain closed. You are NOT blowing out air. You inflate the part of your face between your nostrils and top lip ... the moustache area)
  3. Hold for 10 seconds.
  4. Move the air to the left cheek.
  5. Hold for 10 seconds.
  6. Move the air to the right cheek.
  7. Hold for 10 seconds.
  8. Do a set of 10.

I know you might need a little time to get used to the puffing action ... especially the top lip part. But, it gets easier with practise.

Try the face exercise, and see if this is something you would like to do for beauty. Some people find that exercising(the body or the face) is just not their cup of tea.

Face Exercises - The Bottom Line

I must admit, face exercises do not produce instant results. You need to commit time and effort, even though it might just take up minutes of your day. For me, when I'm pressed for time, I'll do the exercises in the shower or while I'm watching the telly.

If you do face exercises daily, you will probably see noticeable results after a couple of months. It might take a bit longer at the beginner, but overtime, the results can be very encouraging. Your complexion will have a healthy glow, and you will have a more defined face contour and a younger looking face.

Have You Tried Doing Face Exercises? Share Your Experience And Tips Here

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    • Fren Ewell profile image

      Fren Ewell 7 years ago

      Hey Ashish

      I have to remove your comment and hyperlink to prevent spam to your mail box.

      Here is the question you asked:

      i am 19 years old,my face is getting darker as compared to my body complexion and i don't see charm on my face its like sun set could any 1 help me out in this

      My reply to Ashish:

      Yes. The face can have a darker complexion than the body.

      Our face is constantly exposed to the sun and indoor lighting. While our body have a protective layer of clothing, the face has not.

      And some people get a facial tan easily.

      To start with, you need to use sunblock and follow a good skin care routine that includes cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize.

      Use skin care products that have skin lightening properties.

      If you do a Google search for "how to lighten skin naturally", you'll be able to find many suggestions online.

      Remember, beauty is a reflection of your heart too. Smile to your face in the mirror. Appreciate your face no matter what colour it is.