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Fan Expo

Updated on April 18, 2015

Fan Expo in Toronto - Comic Con North

Fan Expo in Toronto is the place to be September 3 - 6, 2015 for fans of video games, Sci Fi and anime.

You can see the props and people from your favorite Sci Fi shows. You can meet the artists.

You can also purchase merchandise from those involved in creating the anime that you love. There are opportunities to get an autograph and perhaps a photo op with the characters you love.

They have Panels and Q&A's where you can learn more about the artists you admire or get tips about doing what they do. Plus it is a great place to meet fellow fans or just people watch.

Some of the costumes that people come dressed in are truly amazing. Let me take you inside with a photo tour of some of the sights at Fan Expo 2013 and 2014.

All Photo From Fan Expo By:whatsittoyou

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

My sister is a huge anime fan and always wanted to go to the show. So I bought tickets to Fan Expo for her birthday present.

So we hoped into the car and drove to Toronto and headed to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where Fan Expo is being held.

It is right near the Rogers Center and the CN Tower making it fairly easy to find. They have people holding signs for Fan Expo that you can ask for directions.

This was very helpful as it is a rather large facility and I wasn't sure where exactly to go. With their help we found the entrance and headed inside.

Cosplayers at Fan Expo

There were plenty of people dressed as their favorite characters. Some even came together as a group of characters. The costumes ran the gamut from very basic to extremely authentic.

Fan Expo 2014 Cosplay Video


You can go dressed as your favorite character with these fantastic costumes available online. Who do you want to be?

Halloween Tunic Costume Set Cosplay Outfit Brown with White
Halloween Tunic Costume Set Cosplay Outfit Brown with White

With a new Star Wars movie set to open in 2015 this Jedi costume is sure to be a popular choice.


Star Wars

If you are a fan of Star Wars they had a Yoda and a Boba Fett display. They also had Storm Troopers and some Jedi Fighter Pilots there that you could take pictures of or even pose with.

LEGO at Fan Expo

Yoda with a light saber
Yoda with a light saber
Iron man 3
Iron man 3

Build Your Own LEGO Yoda and Iron Man

If you love the displays that you see at the Expo then you can make your own. They are not exactly the same design and they certainly aren't the same size. However it would be pretty cool to have a display of your favorite characters represented in LEGO.

Lego Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda (7194)
Lego Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda (7194)

You make your own LEGO Yoda to display at home.


Assassin's Creed Black Flag

They have the upcoming Assassin's Creed Black Flag video game set up that you can play it.

Dr. Who

They have Daleks there that you can pose with.

The Batmobile

The Batmobile is there to see. They had two different people in the role of Batman when I was there. I don't know if they were provided by the show or they were just people in Cosplay who happened to be there.

Hunger Games

They also have some sets built from your favorite scenes that you can pose in. I got this picture of people posing on the Hunger Games set.


They had a place where you could line up to get an autograph from a variety of people. Here is the picture I got while passing through this area of David Hasselhoff. It surprised me that the lineups actually were not too long for anyone.

Sports Show

This year they added a sports section to the show. They had athletes there and lots of memorabilia available to buy.

Beverly Hills 90210 Panel

They had Jason Priestly and Luke Perry there talking about Beverly Hills 90210. They were both really nice and had a good sense of humor. You could tell that they actually get along and enjoy each others company. They had fond memories of their time on the show and they were willing to share them with us.

Tips For Attending Fan Expo

The place is absolutely huge so you will be doing a lot of walking, I highly recommend you wear running shoes. I wish I had as now my feet and legs are kind of sore.

All the walking will also make you thirsty so bring something with you to drink. Check out the schedule for Panels and Q&A's that appeal to you. They give you an opportunity to sit down on a chair rather than the floor.

I brought a small backpack to carry my water, snacks, phone, and wallet. It also gave me a place to put anything I bought or was given at the show.

A back pack is perfect since it will leave your hands free to take pictures. If you are worried about potential theft, you can put a small travel lock on the zippers to prevent someone from being able to open it.

What Was Your Favorite Part of Fan Expo?

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      There was a small fan expo event in our area recently - loved seeing the costumes in the news report!

    • steadytracker lm profile image

      steadytracker lm 4 years ago

      Comic Conventions are always a lot of fun. Here in Asia, they can get very crazy too. Thanks for sharing