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Feather Hair Clips

Updated on September 17, 2014
Feathers in your hair
Feathers in your hair | Source

Feather Hair Clips and Snap On Feathers Hair Extensions

Miley Cyrus wears snap on feathers. The girls on the hit TV show 'Pretty Little Liars' wear feather hair extensions. Super models wear them on and off the runway. And every day girls like you and me wear them out and about, too.

Everybody's getting in on this hot, new fashion trend and if you haven't tried feathers for your hair yet you're missing out on a lot of fun!

It started with hair extensions years ago, that costly process where real strands of human hair are bonded to your own hair to create the illusion of a head full of long, lustrous hair.

But the process is extremely expensive and few can really afford it. So the next step was to move to hair extensions attached to clips, making them easier to install and remove.

Along came the trend of bold colored hair - the bright fuscias, pinks, blues and greens. And the next natural progressions was a colorful extension.

And voila! We have colorful, snap on feathers!

hair feathers
hair feathers | Source

Feathers In The Hair

A long love story

Women have been wearing feather hair clips and combs for centuries. The ancient Egyptians believed that wearing feathers connected them with the sky gods. The Druids also believed that feathers were associated with the sky gods and that by wearing them they could invoke the powers of the stars.

When we dream about feathers it often means we're going to be traveling soon, and white feathers symbolize innocence or a new beginning.

Native American Chiefs wore feathers to symbolize their communication with Spirit and in some of their cultures feathers represented the gods of thunder. And Native American Pueblo Indians wore feathers to honor the Feathered Sun, the center of their belief system.

Over the years feathers have come to be associated with luxury. Glamorous movie stars wore gowns and negligees adorned with feathers. Feather boas became popular. We see feathers on hems and feathers on handbags, and big, feathered hats are back in vogue.

If the idea of being surrounded in all those feathers isn't appealing but you'd still like to add a touch of glamor to your wardrobe, you can make a fashion statement, too, with feather hair clips and feather hair extensions..

As Seen on Tv 3 Pack Snap-on Feathers Extensions - NEW!
As Seen on Tv 3 Pack Snap-on Feathers Extensions - NEW!
If you don't want an "in your face" look, these will do just fine. The color will blend quite naturally in your hair and will give you just that little twist you need.

They're Fun And Inexpensive - Snap on Feathers - Feathers in Hair

These days it's all about color and making a bold statement with your hair. If you've thought about some of the bold hair colors but just can't bring yourself to take that leap, then snap on feathers are the ideal solution to cure your case of boring hair.

They're easy to use, too. All you need to do is clip them into your hair like you would a barette.

Maybe your career doesn't permit you to go crazy and dye your hair Bubble Gum Pink. But, a girl's gotta have a little fun on the weekends, right?

Snap on feathers are just like any other wardrobe accessory. They dress up your look and you can take them off before you head back to work on Monday.

Hair dye is permanent and hair extensions can cost hundreds of dollars. But you can change up your look every day with snap on feathers and have some cheap, easy fun!

Trendy or Silly What's Your Stance?

Do people who wear feathers in their hair look silly?

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Buy Snap-On Hair Feathers

Add fun, flashy accents to your hairstyle with Snap-On Hair Feathers.

They're an inexpensive alternative to hair extensions and dyes and they're removable so you can re-use them over and over again.

Each package comes with 2 feathers. Wear one or both and have fun with your hair.

Snap-On Hair Feathers - Fuschia and Smokey Ash
Snap-On Hair Feathers - Fuschia and Smokey Ash
No need to worry with the Clip On Hair Feathers. They're light weight and won't ruin your style. And even if they get wet they'll come right be to shape when they dry. They're so much more fun than regular hair extensions because you can move them around and create different accents in your hair style. And unlike extensions you can reuse clip on hair feathers time and time again.

Snap On Feathers - Video

Feathers In Fashion: Hair Clips

Stylist Danilo uses a single black feather in his shows, Gucci stylist Luigi Murenu added feathers to a ponytail, and Laurent Philippon used small bursts of feathers to add texture to buns.

Mind you, these weren't huge peacock feathers that overpowered the models and distracted the eye. They were all small, delicate arrangements used as accents to highlight the hairstyle.

Here are some tips for using feather hair clips to make a fashion statement.

  • For daytime wear, choose colors that compliment your outfit

    A feather hair clip is always going to dress up your outfit. For daytime wear choose feathers that have a blend of colors. For example, feathers that have varying shades of blue and white or different shades of pink or grey. Or choose colorful peacock feathers that have a rainbow of colors.

  • For formal occasions, choose monochromatic colors

    Feathers add a touch of glamor and formality to any outfit but for evening or formal wear choose a feather hair clip that matches the color of your dress. If you're a brunette and you don't think a black feather will show up well against your hair color, choose a clip with some rhinestones and/or tulle to give it some sparkle.

  • Consider your hairstyle

    Consider how you'll be wearing your feather clip. If you'll be wearing it near your face choose a color that highlights your complexion. And maybe even more important - choose a clip that's going to be comfortable. In other words - do you really want to keep brushing feathers out of your eyes all night?

  • Clip or comb?

    Some feather hair clips are attached to barrettes, some to bobby pins, and some to combs. Consider the thickness of your hair and the style you'll be wearing. Some gals just don't feel comfortable with combs. But if your hair is thick then a clip or barrette might not be large enough.

  • Consult a stylist

    For very formal occasions, such as your wedding day, it might be wise to consult your stylist. If you've found a feather hair clip you love, take it to her and ask her to give you style suggestions. Or, if you already have the style in mind, ask your stylist what style of clip would work best.

Feather Fascinators Will Always Be Fabulous

Before Steven Tyler appeared on American Idol wearing his feather hair extensions nobody even knew what they were. They immediately became a hot fashion trend and they started popping up everywhere. But once a hot fashion trend starts popping up on the counter at your local convenience store you know it's no longer 'Hot' and it's time to move on.

However, take a look through any fashion magazine, whether it was just printed yesterday or it's a few decades old, and you'll undoubtedly see someone wearing a feather hair clip. Kate Middleton didn't start a trend, she's simply adding new energy to a timelessly elegant fashion accessory.

Women have been wearing feather fascinators for decades - your own mother or grandmother probably have some. Like diamond rings and tiaras, the feather hair clip will always be the classical way to make a sophisticated fashion statement.

Valeriya Feather Fascinator with Birdcage Veil - White
Valeriya Feather Fascinator with Birdcage Veil - White
The perfect accent for your wedding day. Wear this white feather fascinator you'll be sheer elegance and glamour from head to toe.

Do It Yourself - Feather hair extensions kit

One kit, hundreds of possibilities.

© 2012 Nathalie Roy

What Do You Think? Are your ready to move on from 'trendy' to 'glamorous'? - Feather in your hair or not?

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