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Feng Shui Your Purse

Updated on May 3, 2010

What is Feng Shui?

This is a simple question that can be difficult to answer. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

Feng means wind and shui means water.Chi is the vital energy which gives life to everything in the universe and the same energy that is in the macrocosm, is also in the microcosm. The Chi in a solar system is also in the smallest atom of a living being. All this to say that we are all bound by the same cosmic energy.

Within this theory, in Feng Shui we can say that the energy to organize a house is the same energy of those who inhabit this house and decorated it, the house being the macrocosm and the person the microcosm.

When we harmonize the energy of an environment through Feng Shui, we are also aligning the energy and ideas of residents, even if unconsciously. If you feel your life in disharmony, go to your closet and dresser , open all doors and drawers and you will probably find clothes, shoes and accessories disorganized and messy. A closet is nothing more than your microcosm, that is, it represents your energetic being. Clean your closet and you will feel a little better. Organizing environments in which we live and create is a good way to harmonize our inner self.

How about organizing, harmonizing and energizing a space that is very intimate and important to you, woman, something you carry every day?! Exactly, your inseparable friend, your purse!

Handbags and Feng Shui

A woman's handbag has the energy and the universe of its owner.

The purse is a micro-cosmos and taking care of your purse is like taking better care of your own self.

What does your handbag look like? Messy, stained, filled with receipts, lists, candy wrappers, endless "to do" lists, old lipsticks, cosmetics, toiletries, heaps of memorabilia, money just thrown in?

Often our handbags become a sea of junk. A lot of us invest a good amount of money in our handbags. We love them, we carry them with pride - but what we carry, is often much more than we need. We often don't give it a thought until it is overflowing with so much stuff that it creates shoulder and neck pain. A messy, heavy handbag is very inauspicious. It causes us stress when we constantly have to dig to find anything. It blocks wealth energy and bogs us down figuratively, physically and literally.

Franco Guizetti prepared following seven tips for you to apply to your purse. I translated them from Portuguese to English and added a little more from my own research. Read and apply, then tell me the results:

1) Size of bag

When you choose a house to live, in general the size is chosen according to need. The same occurs in the choice of bag. If you need to carry many things, the ideal is to use a large bag, with plenty of space and tranquility to look for things. In a small bag, everything will be tight. On the other hand, if you carry very little, a big bag is almost a bad thing, because it looks like you carry an "empty bag" or an unnecessary burden.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

2) Cleaning

There is nothing better than a clean house, so why would like carrying a "trash" on the arm. Try to clean your bag daily. If you are the type that thinks green and save little pieces of trash, such as candy wrappers, in the bag, find a special compartment for it, then throw away daily. A bag full of trash means prosperity is going away.

3) Out With the superfluous

A harmonious house begins with a balance of furniture and fixtures. An environment full of stuff or clutter prevents the movement of people and energy, making the house heavy and full of stagnant energy. The same goes for your purse, if you carry unnecessary things. It does not have to be an energetic burden or heavy on your back and neck. Lighten the load, scan the inside of the bag. Do you like to carry the "messy room" in tow?

4) Organize

Just like a house has to be practical and functional, a handbag has to be functional, practical and easy to find what you need in it. If you need to take or keep many things in your bag, opt for those with many compartments. Choose the right compartment for every need: one for coins, one for receipts for purchases, another for the business cards, etc.. Do not mix everything in one place, it's anti-prosperous to have a bag that is all messy inside.

5) Take Good Care of Your Money

How do you keep the money in the bag? Jammed in any corner or the bottom of it? Crumpled and folded and stuffed in any little hole? This is how you wish to prosper, crumpling your money? The money has to be well-maintained and kept in the purse or wallet. Put the money in a safe part of it, get the bills opened and in ascending order, and do not place anything that has to do with payments, debts or receipts in the same compartment. Only keep money in the "money" compartment. Exercise the same care with credit and bank cards, since they are "money".

Feng Chui Lucky Coins
Feng Chui Lucky Coins

6) Carry Joy and Faith:

Since the purse carries a "chunk of your life", keep positive memories in it, like a boyfriend's or family photos, a calendar with friend's phone numbers, positive messages or religious amulets of luck, wealth, love, against envy, etc.. By placing three chinese coins tied together with a red string inside, it will attract money. If you know a wealthy person, ask them for a bill of money to carry inside your purse. This way you will carry increased wealth energy inside your handbag.

7) Color

Choose the color of the bag according to your energy needs. A black bag is discretion, but also status, because it will always be chic; red energizes and attracts love; a brown bag attracts safety; green and yellow attract wealth; pink and orange attract romance and joy.

Purse Organizer

Inserts for purses that do not have compartments. They are fashionable, come in all colors and can be transferred from one purse to another.

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      TheDeeperWell 5 years ago

      I always use a red or purple wallet...

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      jasminesphotogr 6 years ago

      This is a great lens! I've never heard of Feng Shui for your purse.

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      Obscure_Treasures 7 years ago

      Awesome lens, love the great ideas,Fantastic selection