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Floral Motif Engagement Rings

Updated on October 1, 2014

Floral Motif Engagement Rings for Spring, and Forever

Spring is in the air and many couples are thinking about, and getting engaged. How about celebrating your love with a fresh, floral motif engagement ring? From vine and flower details to floral halos, there are gorgeous floral rings out there to capture your own personal style and your love.

View this unique Flora Vida® designer ring from Blue Nile and customize it with one of their beautiful diamonds.

The floral motif has been popular in jewelery since the beginning of time. If this theme speaks to you, take a look at the rings below and find the one you want to wear forever after.

The Flora Vida Floral Halo from Blue Nile

Looking for a halo setting that is comfortable and unique? The Flora Vida® halo setting from Blue Nile captures the beauty of a flower perfectly with a round diamond set in a circle of pave petals. The low set central diamond makes for a comfortable halo ring with a modern yet romantic feel.

This ring can be set with a round diamond from 0.65 to 1.50ct and the setting itself contains another 0.30 ct of diamonds, creating a sparkly ring with a halo effect that is just a little out of the ordinary.

Interested in this ring? Read real customer reviews of the Flora Vida® ring from Blue Nile.

Monique Lhuillier Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Monique Lhuillier Petal Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring on finger
Monique Lhuillier Petal Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring on finger

Monique Lhuillier Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A halo setting with leaf and vine detail

Looking for something completely out of the ordinary? The Monique Lhuillier Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from Blue Nile combines the elegance of a halo setting with the opulence of 4 marquise diamond "leaves" gracefully draped along the setting along pave set "vines". This vintage style ring captures old world glamour and modern day craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The ideal ring for a lover of the vintage look, this setting can accommodate a 0.70 to 1.55 carat diamond and fit a range of budgets. Pair it with the Monique Lhuillier French Pave Diamond Ring to complete the set and create a look to last a lifetime.

Monique L'Huillier Petal Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Secret details abound on this floral stunner

Combine a floral motif with the romance of secret details - like pave petals and 2 hidden pink bezel set sapphires - and you get this stunning ring from Monique L'Hullier which is elegant and understated.

The Petal Pave Diamond Engagement Ring can be set with a diamond from 0.70 to 1.95 ct, and contains 78 round pave set diamonds on the shank and on the exquisite petals which surround your diamond. I love the romance of the secret details - known only to you and your love...or anyone you want to show off your exquisite one-of-a-kind ring to!

Gemvara Lucinda Floral inspired engagement ring
Gemvara Lucinda Floral inspired engagement ring

Floral Rings from Gemvara

Add some color to your floral halo engagement ring

Want a ring that is truly unique that you can customize online? Visit Gemvara for a one-of-a-kind experience customizing your ring. With floral halo engagement rings that you can customize down from the pave stones (from diamonds to sapphires to amethyst) to the metal (anything from Palladium to 18k rose gold!) you can spend hours...or even days looking at all of the options.

Here are two floral motif settings that I customized myself. Click on the images to change everything from the center stone to metal choice.

Gemvara Lotus Setting

Looking for a Princess cut floral halo? Customize the Lotus setting from Gemvara with your choice of metal and gemstones.

Want to add some color to the traditional halo setting? All Gemvara rings can be customized with a huge selection of gemstones to create a magnificent floral ring that is uniquely your own. The Lotus Ring above was customized with amethyst and rhodolite stones to create the perfect ring for a purple lover.

Gemvara Jessamine Ring

The Gemvara Jessamine ring has two halos which can both be customized with your choice of stone, as well as the center stone.

Looking for an alternative engagement ring that's still impressive? Customize the Jessamine ring from Gemvara with an aquamarine center stone surrounded by a diamond halo for a unique and affordable look. Or swap the stones for an impressive diamond sparkler with a colorful halo.


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