Deciding on ink...

  1. Mz Wicked profile image61
    Mz Wickedposted 5 years ago

    I have juggled the ideas of what I wanted to do with my life better then a circus juggler with octopus arms. I wanted to be a vet, a lawyer, a forensic investigator, a embalmer, an architect, a gardener, designer, singer, professional gamer... I've been through them all but not once did I ever want to do anything with my art. I've been designing tattoos for years, and I enjoy getting them (the pain is relaxing very therapeutic for me), but it wasn't until recently that I realized it was something I wanted to do. Since I discovered this I have been building up a design portfolio that I would die before parting with any of my art... I have found my inspiration and my muse. I am finally happy and content with my path, embracing my artistic liberties. It's reflected in my look and style and now in my frame of mind, I'm seeing everything as designs and intricate interfaces... Everything has beauty now as well as all skin surface is now a canvas to me.