Medical compression hosiery

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    golfer10posted 4 years ago

    I am a male that is required to wear medical grade compression pantyhose 30-40 compression everyday.  I have worn the opaque hose that look like thick black tights, but are not completely opaque in a bright lit room.  Summer is tough in them because I always wear long pants or jeans.  I have been wrestling with the idea of going lighter/more sheer for comfort, but would stil wear them under full length trousers.  They would not be as sheer as a normal woman's pantyhose because of the high compression,but I am sure you could see through them.  Nobody has ever commented on my current hosiery and imwas wondering what others would think if they saw somewhat sheer hose at my ankle when I am sitting down.  I have thought of this for years, but have never done it. I thought I would ask here.  This is not a fetish for me and I would rather not wear them and go back to shorts like I was 7 years ago.  Please give me your opinion.