Effects of fashion in our daily life and hygiene in recent time

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    george A Williamsposted 4 years ago

    Fashion as we all know is a word for popular, trending practice or style. This can be better found and explained in clothing, shoes, makeup, tattooing, body piercing, or even furniture. Fashion has been noticed to have enormous effects on hygiene if not properly carried out, and it is for this reason that an expert is required to properly select the adequate fashion materials, brands, and process.
    Fashion is meant to make you look and feel better but it can be the other way round if not properly approached. Some people might end up with regrets after emulating certain fashion materials that some friends used and got superb results.
    Causes of wrong fashion result:
    inadequate knowledge
    wrong size match
    Wrong color tone
    Inadequate Knowledge: Some people go ahead to use cosmetics without getting the vital procedural information such as skin type and nature, application procedures and so on.
    Skin type and nature: You need to know your skin type and nature in order to properly choose the required and appropriate products to apply, because in the case of applying the wrong product on your skin can lead to skin irritation and some can even conglomerate to more severe illness such as cancer.
    Application procedures: before the application of any cosmetic product you should endeavor to know the application procedures thoroughly. Knowing when, how, where and with what to apply, because the wrong application can cause great damage to the skin and health on the long run.
    Wrong size match: not knowing the right size for you is a great problem. Some out fits and brands require you to choose a size smaller than your usual size to get the best result from them, while some on the other hand require a size bigger that your regular size to achieve that great result.
    Wrong color tone: Color selection is very important in clothing, makeup, shoes, hair, watches and even up to the socks worn in footwear. Choosing the wrong color for your makeup can make you look like a masquerade rather than beautiful, same applies to choosing color combination in dress matching with shoes, belt, and bag. Some people are so fashion conscious that they even choose a car color to go with their dressing.
    One best way to eradicate or reduce the negative fashion effect or take it to your advantage is by consulting the specialist in the required field.