dear rookie as I am muslim then tell me either can pierce ears or not if yes

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    mriazdawposted 7 years ago

    dear rookie as I  am muslim then tell me either can pierce ears or  not if  yes then one or both

    ears and now a days what is fashion as I am working in Finance Dept. senior accountant and I want to pierce ears and want to wear tinny stud every time and will my office staff reactin +V I am afraid about it.
    and how to agree my family members.
    I will be very thankfull for  this  help and guidence.


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    sukena@gmail.composted 7 years ago

    well ear piercing has nothing to do with Islam if u like it u can But  Islam has not prohibited man from wearing shots in Public But it is disliked.
    Liked eating prawns is not Haram (strongly prohibited) but is makrooh(not liked).
    According to Islam  fashion should not conflict with gender.
    So choice is yours it is not sin though u can if u like it

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    sunny_trustableposted 7 years ago

    dear friend always obay what your parents say but if you realy like that then just do that aftre that 2 days or 3 days your parents will  angry but as the time will pass everything willbe ok when you adopt new look some days willbe not good but after that everything will manage bye thiereself dearits your life just do what you want what your mind told you coz nobody knows about life when it will finish so be happy and do what you want