my child is 2yr old n he doesnt take any food otherthan milk plz help me

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    afraposted 7 years ago

    my child is 2yr old n he doesnt  take any food otherthan milk plz help me

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    pisgahnfposted 7 years ago

    Be certain that there is no medical reason for this such as oral problems,  tooth sensitivity , gum infections  etc. Your pediatrician should check that out. If all is good remember some children just take a little longer to catch on to the food thing.   In the kitchen and in the high chair offer your child bite size pieces of food or cereal. Let the child decide to eat it, in other words you don't have to encourage him, just leave it there. It may take ten to twenty offerings before they put something in their mouth.  The child will need to learn there is a time and a place to eat.
    If the child still uses a pacifier then crush up some breakfast cereal and stick the wet pacifier in their mouth a few times then leave them to figure it out on their own.
    Make meal time fun, but always in a high chair at the same spot and same time of day. Kids like routines. Continue with the milk but add a few small things each time and if they eat it,  give them a little more if not finish the mealtime after 15 minutes or so and try again the next meal.  Take heart in the fact that its the routine they need to get use to. Kids like bottles because they can watch tv or play and eat at their convenience. So If they want a bottle of milk put them in a high chair in the kitchen and sit with them. I would be willing to bet they want the milk and the bottle more for its mobility that its taste.
      Good Luck

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    ChicagoInsiderposted 7 years ago

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