How do you do eye makeup for hooded eyes?

  1. Global-Chica profile image96
    Global-Chicaposted 5 years ago

    How do you do eye makeup for hooded eyes?

    I recently discovered that I have hooded eyes.  I had no clue all this time why my eye make-up, especially the smokey look, always came out wrong.  You basically don't see that I even use eye shadow.  Any advice?

  2. mydurxiong profile image59
    mydurxiongposted 5 years ago

    You can do a heavier liner on your top lid to give off the illusion that you have a bigger eyelid.  My sister has what she calls a 'monolid.'  She uses liquid eyeliner on her top lid and draws a thick line with wings (like cat eyes). Also, it's important that your lashes are visible, long, and curled...either that or wear false lashes.   They will truly enhance and draw attention to your eyes.