Belgium: controversy over the number 88 jersey

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    buynfljerseysposted 7 years ago

    At Genk, Tözsér bears the number 88. But last Sunday, Herman Brusselmans, consultant VRT launched the controversy at the weekly Studio 1, stating: "It is outrageous that Genk had Tözsér authorized to wear the number 88." A number "Nazi" even if the player denies it. Explanations.

    In Germany, the number 69 is Dino Drpic debate ... and fun. In Belgium, the number is Daniel Tözsér debate without much fun. Arriving in June, from AEK Athens, the Hungarians is No. 88. What has aroused the anger of a consultant to the VRT, the Flemish writer Herman Brusselmans., At the weekly Studio 1, he declared: "It is outrageous that Genk had Tözsér authorized to wear the number 88."

    Why? Because in among the extreme right, the figure 88 refers to Adolf Hitler. " The eighth letter of the alphabet is H. So, the figure 88 gives HH, or Heil Hitler. " And taking the alphabet backwards, the S ranks eighth, and the 88 jerseys becomes ... In 2007, the Belgian authorities had considered banning the wearing of the jersey number., Daniel Tözsér him, defended himself and said that number has no meaning for him. "All my favorite numbers were taken. I then asked my mother which to choose and she advised me the 88," he said in the Belgian media.

    In turn the club's president, Jos Vaessen, responded and said: "If Brusselmans is right, we'll change his number."