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    _Cloda_posted 7 years ago

    Which do you prefere Sailor Stripes or Casual Denium ?


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    larasenposted 7 years ago

    Getting yourself off on the right path by finding yourself a skin care regime that is going to work for you and your skin type is incredibly important. Keeping your face clean and moisturized is going to keep it looking great for years to come.

    As for makeup I would suggest keeping it simple and very natural. You're at an age where you more than likely have beautiful skin so there's no need to wear things like foundation. A bit of concealer and a translucent setting powder can go along way to conceal the odd blemish. Steer clear of any sort of liners as they are just going to weigh down the appearance of your eyes. Other than that I would suggest mascara and a nice lip gloss. Wearing pale and natural looking shadows every once in a while is another idea. At your age I wouldn't suggest it for everyday but pulling it out once in a while wouldn't hurt either.

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