Lancome Lipstick

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    L.Perryposted 7 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE Lancome lipstick and am wondering if there are any other Lancome lovers here? I had a few experiences with my favorite shades getting discontinued. The first one was Rose Glace which was a sheer, almost a gloss. The second one that I really loved was Coquette. I loved that color and it was discontinued (boooo) Now I have a new color called Rose Crystal that is really pretty.Have you ever had any of your favorites discontinued?

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      WoosterSpringposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hello fellow Lancome Lover-
      mine was Matte Toffee. I loved that color. I also miss the Cashmere Blue eyeshadow they once had. I have been a Lancome user for 3 1/2 decades-Yikes! Lately however I must admit I have not indulged due to some tightening of the budget. But I'm not worried...I know things will turn around and the "counter" is just waiting for me to come and make up for lost time (LOL!!!). But seriously, I believe it is one of the best lines available. I love it. One of my favorite perfumes is Magie Noir, but again, they have really dwindled this down to what's available. In the '80s it came in the way of a beautiful oil, in a beautiful bottle that you could either where as a fragrance or put in the bath. I can still smell it! So yes L.Perry, you have alot of emapthy coming your way from me! On another note, I always look forward to what they come up with for fall & winter.

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    L.Perryposted 7 years ago

    That's true...with Fall just around the corner, Lancome will be coming out with their new colors. I remember sampling Magie Noir and it was wonderful. I've never tried their eyeshadow, but a friend of mine was head over heels in love with Lancome mascara.