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Eye shadow

  1. Bianu profile image60
    Bianuposted 7 years ago

    What if you are dark skinned. Shouldn't the advice be related to skin tone? Write a hub about it, will be very interesting to read

    1. Ellarose92 profile image60
      Ellarose92posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Every color of eyeshadow that shows up on a fair skinned shows up on dark skinned it's the primmer that a person uses is what shows how bright or vivid that eye shadow would be now for eye color every eyecolor goes good with diffrent eye shadows but as for skin tone it doesn't matter at least to me it doesn't I own a lot of eye shadows and there's no color that doesn't show up or doesn't look good weather it's high pigmented or low pigmented

    2. Mrs. J. B. profile image61
      Mrs. J. B.posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Skin tone should always be the first consideration when buying eye shadow. I have seen many women wearing shades of eye shadow that is either way to bright or way to dark for their skin tone. It actually looks ridiculous.

  2. Ellarose92 profile image60
    Ellarose92posted 6 years ago

    Well I say who are we to judge if someone likes it they can wear it and that's what gives them freedom if that was the case eyeshadows would be sold by skintone and not eye color. I say if you don't like something on someone then tell them an if you can't it shouldn't be your problem anyone can think what they want and wear what they want and from working in cosmetics and knowing how to wear things there's no eyeshawdow that can't be worn but people can buy whatever they want when it comes to eyeshadow doesn't mean there going to listen next thing will see is clothing by skintone I say buy what makes you happy not by what others like. There's no right or wrong.

  3. kmackey32 profile image64
    kmackey32posted 6 years ago

    I once saw a fair skinned girl wearing bright orange and it looked horrable but i couldnt ever tell her. I just think its rude....I wear many different colors at a time, even half one color and half another color on the bottom lid....

    1. Ellarose92 profile image60
      Ellarose92posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Yea that's how many wear their eyeshadow even 3 because most put on the crease lid and inner corner then use a blending brush or smudge brush to soften up:) I tend to do that as well