Braid trend around to stay, how to make it bridal.

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    Kimmy's Hair I doposted 6 years ago

    Braids used as accents in hairdos, have been increasing in popularity since Ms. Jessica Simpson, and some of her famous friends, were spotted sporting them around town a few years ago. If you thought the trend wasn't around to stay fortunately your wrong.

    Braids have been for me, and I'm sure a few readers here, an everyday go to kind of thing. They make life easier when your short on time but still want to look fresh and put together. For those looking for a little extra spice...or sweetness for their special occasion or even everyday I encourage you to try out this trend for yourself.

    Of course you must know that I'm not talking about your g-ma's Pocahontas braid straight down the middle of your head, all though it has it's place and is pretty, kick up your style by moving that braid to the side. If you've never done it before practice makes perfect and mist your hair a little bit at first to help you maintain control of your sections.

    Another fresh way to style with braids, particularly for medium to long hair, is to pull your hair into a pony wether it be low behind your ear (my fave) or in the back braid your hair then secure the braid with Bobbie pins. This is great for those of you who haven't quite mastered French braiding quite yet!

    So to my point braids are fabulous for the everyday but don't neglect to consider adding them to your big day! Not only do they add flair but they are great for an all day party because they don't go anywhere. If done right they add beauty and interest into what could have been with out it the simple French-twist, messy bun, pony tail, half up-do.

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    TattooVirginposted 6 years ago

    I love braids, everyone should know how to braid their hair

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      Kimmy's Hair I doposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I agree!