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Have you ever dyed your hair with Henna?

  1. Smart is Good profile image60
    Smart is Goodposted 6 years ago

    Tell me you insights, your experiences or If you have coloured your hair with chemical products. What would be you ideal hair colour?

    1. landscapeartist profile image78
      landscapeartistposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Whenever I dyed my hair with a product that contained henna, it turned red. I have spent years dying my hair.  I have had it blonde mostly, but my favorite color is my natural dark brown. Now that I am older and the gray is coming in, I appreciate my natural color more than I ever did.

    2. angelrose18 profile image59
      angelrose18posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I used henna to dye my hair and it worked great on my hair, but it didn't work out so well on my sisters' hair. We tried dyeing one of my sisters' hair black and it turned Dark blue. We tried dyeing my youngest sister's hair red and it went bright orange. I think the problem was that the two of them didn't wash the dye out well enough and a little bit stayed in overnight. Also, I used metal to heat the water with. Basically, what I learned was to be careful and that everyone's hair is different. My hair is now back to it's natural color but all three of my sisters (the third one's hair turned out the intended color) still have the dye in their hair even though we dyed our hair in October.

  2. Monisajda profile image74
    Monisajdaposted 6 years ago

    I used henna when I was a teenager. My mom was allowing me this because it is a natural hair dye and actually makes your hair healthy and strong. It coats your hair and makes it a little more thick which was a nice thing for my silky thin hair. I loved how it made my hair red, there are tons of different shades ranging from very dark bronze through lighter red shades. I always got complimented about my color. I recommend using a powder instead of shampoo or cream, more messy but gives better results. Don't use metal, especially aluminum utensils when prepping henna, ceramic or plastic bowl are best. Have a plastic cap to cover your hair to avoid drippings. Use tooth brush to distribute henna evenly in your hair.

    Good luck!

    1. landscapeartist profile image78
      landscapeartistposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      maybe, i will try it again now that I read your answer.  Thank you for posting it.

  3. Berrydesouza profile image56
    Berrydesouzaposted 6 years ago

    ya, i dyed and now my hair is looking nice than before