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French Twist for Waist Length Hair

Updated on December 10, 2011

A French Twist is an elegant updo that can easily go from the office to a night on the town. It can be more difficult to create, however, as your hair approaches waist-length and beyond. Here how to create the look on very long hair.

Start by brushing all your hair to one side, whichever side will be easiest to work from. Gather your hair on that side and start to twist it at about the shoulder level. Twist the length TOWARD your face. When you have all the length twisted, hold onto the end, take the tail behind your head and lift it straight up above your head.

Lay the twisted tail down onto your head. You will have a lot of length that probably extends in front of your head as you hold it out. Reach around with your other hand and feel the back of your hair to see if you have a nice coil or roll of hair going up the back. Fold the extra length in front of you back onto itself in half or in thirds, depending on your hair length. Tuck the extra length into and under the roll.

As this style develops, the side hair (on the side you twisted) may be somewhat loose compared to the back, which should be fairly tight to your head. Take your hand with your thumb extending back, palm against your head, smooth and bring this looser hair up to the top of your head with your hand, tightening up the side area. Then fold or wrap this hair into the twisted tail that you are holding on top of your head.

Take the folded-over tail and tuck it into and under the twisted section that comes up from the back. Take some coated hairpins and lift up the roll as you and pin the roll to your scalp hair. You may need a little hairspray to help secure the roll to your head and keep it in place.

A decorative hair comb or other long hair ornament placed into the base of the roll can add a touch of elegance to the smooth simplicity of this hairstyle.

Jane Seymour's Updo Hair Style

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