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Hi Tech Tattoos - Google Ads May Be Coming To A Forehead Near You

Updated on February 14, 2012

Welcome to the Future of Tattoos

This hub discusses the future of tattoos. Google Ads may be coming to a forehead near you.


Programmable Tattoos

One of the problems with tattoos is that they are permanent, and you are stuck with them if you don't like them. Another problem is that your body has a limited amount of space on which to display your body art, so you have to be selective about the tattoos you choose to adorn your skin.

Choosing the right tattoo, one that you will display proudly for the rest of your life can tricky. But now, there is a new type of programmable tattoo that solves both problems: if you don't like you tattoo, you can simply change it. And because you can change you tattoo, the same area of skin can display an entire gallery of tattoos.

Getting a Tattoo
Getting a Tattoo

Electronic Tattoos

An inventor has been granted a patent for changeable tattoos. The system works by inserting carbon nanotubes beneath the skin, which are then arranged into a pattern using electromagnetic fields. What this means is that the ink beneath the skin can be rearranged to display different tattoo art.

So if you got a tattoo that reads "John and Helen" forever but forever didn't last quite as long as you thought, you can just rearrange the ink to display the name of your current significant other, forever or until the next best thing comes along.

Another approach would be to apply so called digital ink to create digital tattoos. Digital ink is composed of nanospheres that can be manipulated and aligned using electrical fields. This technology is aimed at developing digital newspapers which can display different text, just like a computer monitor, but on paper.

The same digital ink technology could be used to create digital tattoos, that can be changed at will. Because of the versatility of these programmable tattoos, they could be used either as body art or for commercial ends.


The Absolute Worst Tattoos

Human Tattoo Billboards

Programmable tattoos could be used to turn people into human billboards, displaying the ever-present Adsense ads on their forehead. Biometric sensors and bluetooth technology could tell Google what you are looking at or feeling at the moment and display appropriate contextual ads!

Instead of body art, this invention could lead to the human contextual ad. Just click here! Instead of websites, we would have meatsites, displaying useful information and of course Adsense ads. Those wanting to fully monetize their bodies would do well to remember that "content is king" and display relevant information, such as the daily news, in order to draw viewers. This could open up a whole new world to SEO consultants, who for a small fee could teach you how to position your meat billboard to get the best position in the search results.

If you think that this sounds farfetched, then read the story a Utah woman who agreed to have her forehead permanently tattooed with the url of internet gambling site for a mere $15,000. It's her forehead for God's sake! And she only got $15,000 in exchange for a lifetime of stares and whispers as she goes through life as an oddity fit for a carnival sideshow!!

If this trend continues we will see more anre more people "monetizing" their foreheads and other body parts with ads. It won't be long before Google figures out to dominate this market by as it did the web.

Of course Google would then counter by publishing rules to prevent spamming. So cross linking or associating with bad neighborhoods would be discouraged, and you if you did not want your website, I mean meatsite, banned from the Google search results. And what exactly would deletion of a meatsite -- you -- mean?

The more I think about it, the scarier this technology sounds!


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    • profile image

      Charlotte 5 years ago

      It takes the fascination out ot the tattooing. The permanency is what makes the tattoo fascinating!

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 6 years ago from Canada

      Your account gets disables and in that case the unmarked vans come for you!

    • A Little TRUTH profile image

      A Little TRUTH 6 years ago

      Provides a good excuse for roving eyes, but what happens if you peek your own adds?

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 6 years ago from Canada

      @Mcham Law - perhaps hot people will be able to charge higher ad rates, while the less attractive ones will have the lower PPC rates. With face recognition software, google will also be able to tell how many times someone looks at the person and Pay Per Peek. Rates will vary based on a secret algorithm developed by google which will "rank" people sites according to criteria. From time to time google will change its algorithm calling it an "update" and people will drop in the rankings. Some might even get de-indexed, in which case unmarked vans will pick them up in the middle of the night and they will never be seen again.

    • Mcham Law profile image

      Mcham Law 6 years ago from Round Rock, Texas

      awesome! can't wait to have scrolling billboards across every hot person on the beach.

    • A Little TRUTH profile image

      A Little TRUTH 6 years ago

      The federal statutes to mandate insertion of the programmable tattoo into the body of every "person" along with some kind of connection to the brain are probably already drafted. Maybe it's the next step after the medical RFID chip, which is reportedly being tested in some doctors and prisoners already.

    • profile image

      Tribal Tattoo Designs 8 years ago

      Man those people in that video are nuts LOL.

    • brad4l profile image

      brad4l 9 years ago from USA

      "that people will find a way to hack it."

       I hadn't even thought of that happening. That would be really scary. I think it is crazy that the lady tattooed her head for $15K. I can't imagine thinking that would be worth it...

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 9 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the comment Forsiche - I think the inevitable result of implating technology in our bodies, especially anything that connects to our brain is that people will find a way to hack it. Scary thought.

      Thanks Maylinda for the feedback. I was really amazed when I learned about this technology and though I wrote it sort of tongue in cheek, I wouldn't be surprised if some of this does come true.

    • profile image

      Forsiche 9 years ago

      What about other people hacking you?

    • Maylinda Arons profile image

      Maylinda Arons 9 years ago

      The world just get weirder and weirder everyday... or maybe it was always this weird and I find out about all the weirdness slooooowlyyyyy every day..... woooooo... yeah, I just creeped myself out *flicks self*

      No no. This was supposed to be about you. Nice hub, golfball! Informative. I don't know where you get your information. And I love all the speculation. The alien one was another hub that made me very happy.

    • PennyWise profile image

      PennyWise 9 years ago from Arizona

      Wow. Only America ...