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SAPPHIRE, the non-red variety of corundum

Updated on December 14, 2012

Sapphire (Corundum)

Sapphire is the second hardest natural mineral known to mankind. In earlier times, some people believed that the firmament was an enormous blue sapphire in which the Earth was embedded. However, this magnificent gemstone also comes in many other colours except red. The red variety of corundum is Ruby - all other colors are called sapphire, even pink. Sapphires can be nearly any color, even colorless. One interesting bit of trivia about sapphire is aluminum oxide, and aluminum is a highly reactive metal. Any freshly exposed surface of aluminum is quickly oxidized to corundum, so any kind of aluminum object is coated with sapphire. Sapphire is the official birthstone for the month of September. Also, one of the birth stones for the Zodiac signs of Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius. Sapphire is given as a gem for the 5th, 23rd and 45th wedding anniversaries while a star sapphire is given on the 65th wedding anniversary.



Blue is by far the most popular color for sapphires, but they can be almost any color, including yellow, green, white, colorless, pink, orange, brown, and purple.

Sapphire represents truth, sincerity and consistency

It is also used for clear thinking

Indicolite tourmaline, and blue zircon may resemble blue sapphire, but are softer. The other color varieties of sapphire are commonly confused with many gemstones, but their great hardness distinguishes them

5 Important things you should know before buying a SAPPHIRE

  1. Color: Blue sapphires come in a range of shades. The brightest, most intense are the most valuable
  2. Clarity: A high quality sapphire must be free from visible inclusions (internal imperfections).
  3. Size: Large, quality sapphires are rare and expensive.
  4. Cut: Most sapphires available in jewelry are quite poorly cut. Perfectly cut sapphires are usually only available in the finest jewelry and their price reflects a premium.
  5. Treatments, Synthetics and Imitations: Sapphires are often synthesized and immitated by other substances. In addition, almost all natural sapphires undergo some kind of treatment process.

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