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Dressing a Baby Girl at a Summer Beach Resort

Updated on January 12, 2015
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June is from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, but is currently residing in New York. She loves to cook naturally with plants from her garden.

Resortwear for Baby Girls
Resortwear for Baby Girls | Source

Dressing Baby Girl in a Cool Summer Outfit | Infant Girls Resortwear

Going to a beach resort for the summer is one of most fun filled places to take the kids for summer vacation.

There is nothing better for a family vacation than having fun in the sun with your loved ones!

Having the appropriate clothes for a seaside resort is a must, not only for the fashion sense of resort area, but also for the comfort of the kids in a hot, humid, tropical setting.

Since my origins are the Hawaiian Islands, I am well acquainted with beautiful resort fashions. It is a necessity to not only have style at the beach, but the clothing has to be comfortable as well.

I am always shopping for clothes to send home to my grand kids in Hawaii, and I also shop for the grand kids living in the mainland who are going home to Hawaii to visit their cousins. This is why I have created this Squidoo lens; to share my findings of the cutest and most appropriate clothes for infant girls to wear in a resort area.

When visiting resorts, the boutiques are geared toward the tourists and are often very pricey. It is not unusual for clothing to be marked up 300% or more to enable the retailers to cover the exorbitant real estate and other overhead costs. Cruise ship shops can be just as expensive; sometimes worse. It is much more cost effective for the average family to find the appropriate beach resort clothing for their children prior to packing for a coastal or island vacation.

Shopping online for resort wear is the perfect solution for this dilemma, especially when the shipping is free and items are shipped in just a few days. Shopping online for your baby girl's summer vacation clothes makes it possible to find the latest trends in appropriate beach resortwear in an area that doesn't cater to this style of girl's clothing in the local malls.

Have fun looking through the outfit suggestions of chic beach designs while planning this summer's get-a-way. It doesn't matter if you are going to the Carolinas, the Caribbean, La Jolla or Hawaii, my selections are suitable for all coastal and island destinations.

Beach clothing has also become very hip to wear even in the Midwest where there may be only lake shores, or no shores at all! My granddaughter, who lives in Minnesota, and my grand niece in Michigan, only want to wear beach resort style clothing for the summer. Go figure. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your visit and find a few outfits perfect for your summer vacation.

Infant Girl Resortwear Bubble Romper Outfits

Infant Girl Aqua Blowing Bubbles Romper by Mimi & Maggie

Babies will do well if kept cool in the hot humid weather of the tropics. When dressed appropriately, like in a cute bubble romper she will be cool and comfortable!

Remember to pack the sunscreen and the bug juice (insect repellent) to prevent sunburn and insect bites on the bare skin of her delicate arms, legs and face.

Cotton Fabric helps to keep baby cool in humid coastal weather and dressing baby girl in an adorable cotton bubble romper is an ideal clothing solution for an infant girl in a resort setting.

This beautiful baby romper is a mixture of delicate printed cotton fabric in coordinating colors with the cutest fabric flower accenting the front of the romper bodice. It is also available in coral, just as adorable as this aqua. It is tough to decide which one I like best because they are both so cute.

Babies Need Appropriate Footwear on the Beach

These leather sandals are classics that have been around for generations. I wore them, my kids wore them and now my grandkids are wearing them. They are well made leather and comfortable for the little ones feet.

There are so many colors available (15) that you can find at least one to match the outfit you may have in mind and they can be worn by girls and boys.

I always bought a red, a white, a navy blue and a black pair for my kids, to keep the basics covered, when mine were little.

After each child had the basic colors to match just about any outfit, I would then pick up other colors to match their wardrobes as needed.

The soles of these leather sandals are rubber, so there is never a problem getting them wet. These are my first choice in summer sandals for kids, and because they are made so well, these sandals can be passed down to the next kid as they will grow out of them before they wear out!

This is my first choice in beach sandals to protect the bottoms of my little one's feet from the hot sand and pavement while remaining in style.

DC Kids en FIMI Fashion Week

Vic&Vicky Primavera Verão 2015

Where Do You Spend Your Summer?

Family Beach Vacation
Family Beach Vacation | Source

Do you take off for the summer with the kids every year to a new place? Many can not afford to take off work for the whole summer, but do plan a one or two week vacation.

What is your favorite summer destination with the kids? Do you have a special event the kids look forward to every year? Do you go somewhere different every year? What is it that makes summer vacations special for your family? We want to know........

What are Your Plans with the Kids for the Summer

See results

Little Girl Summer 2015 Fashion Runway

"CPM KIDS" Moscow Spring Summer 2015 by Fashion Channel

Infant Girl Beach Outfit

Click Here for Details:

Infant Girls Beach Chair Dress

Infant Girl Sundress Outfit by Mimi & Maggie

Fabulous little sundress ideal to dress a baby girl in to wear on vacation at a summer beach resort.

It has a screen printed batik style flower design on the front of the top and includes a matching diaper cover. The sundress set is also available in a hot pick.

I would pair both of the outfit colors with the adorable Umi sandals featured below as they will look fabulous together in resortwear style!

I bought this outfit for one of my granddaughters living in Hawaii and my daughter says the fabric is almost as soft and comfy as a tee shirt with colors as vibrant as the photo.

Giselle Sandal by Umi

I was first drawn to this sandal pair because of the vibrant Caribbean type colors. They perfectly match any little girl's pink or orange summer outfits.

Little girls will feel like dancing on the beach when wearing a pair of these adorable sandals. They are pink and orange polka dots with a bright orange fabric flower. They are also available in a blue and aqua polka dot with a bright yellow flower.

A word of caution. These sandals cannot get wet like the leather saltwater surfer sandals featured above. They are pretty to wear as a fashion sandal and coordinate perfectly with the Mimi and Maggie outfit featured on the left, but I wouldn't let my toddler walk in wet sand or grass wearing them.

Little Girls Need Head Protection in the Summertime

No matter how old a little girl may be, she needs to be protected from the harsh elements during the hot summer months. Sunscreen is an absolute for a girl's delicate skin, but we can't stop there.

A hat is not only a fashion essential, it will protect her head from sunburn. The last thing we want to have happen when on vacation is for our beautiful daughters to get a harmful and painful sunburn on her head. She will be miserable and so will you.

I love this fabulous find of a vibrant multi-colored sun hat. The rainbow colors will coordinate with both outfits featured on this page plus many more of her summer clothes while protecting her little noggin from the harsh rays of the sun.

She will be protected while looking cute as a button!

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