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10k Yellow Gold Diamond and Garnet Heart-Shaped Pendant

Updated on April 3, 2012

Gold Heart Pendant

Why Women Love to Buy the Heart Shaped Pendant

The 10k Yellow Gold Diamond and Garnet Heart-Shaped Pendant is a romantic gift for that I purchased at and has proved to be one of the best gifts I have bought in a long time.

The main heart shaped pendant rests from a beautiful rope chain that is a combination of gold and red. A classic open heart shape rests off-center along the chain, showcasing natural white diamonds that fill the left side of the heart. A large heart-shaped garnet stones fills the bottom of the pendant, uniquely set around the yellow-gold heart shape. I can confidently say that this is one of the best you can buy for the woman in your life, and one that she will be wearing

This pendant usually sells for $252 and is for sale at $136 which is a special offer so there may never be a better time to purchase (writing this March, 2012)

It is worth noting that the gift was a little smaller than I expected and but my girlfriend said that most women like herself prefer jewelry that is not big (Hey, what do I know?). It came in a pouch, so I got a jewelers box to make a nicer presentation. My girlfriend's birthday is in January, so this was a great Christmas gift with the Garnet stone. I'm getting the earrings for her birthday to complete the set.

On Price vs Quality / Satisfaction I would rate this product very highly. To sum up my personal thoughts on the pendant;

  1. Very well designed and pretty much exactly what the picture looks like.
  2. It is a fairly unique piece of jewelry that will get your partner (or you... if you are a woman reading this) noticed
  3. Seemed on the small side and seemed the chain did not seem strong enough but then again I was told that I was wrong (so I stand corrected by the wearer... my girlfriend)

If you are a guy looking for a gift to get your girlfriend as a sign of love then I would recommend you definitely get this gift, (Valentines is a great time to purchase this gift.) Also the garnet stone is a stone for those with girlfriends born in January (Hint... You don’t have to wait for their birthday to get them a great gift guys) I would also say that this product is a great buy for any woman who wants a pendant for special occasions.

For those who can’t afford this gift for their girlfriends I would suggest cheaper alternatives but as of March 2012 this is on sale at Amazon so do yourself a favour and save over $110 on this unique gift.

My girlfriend is constantly wearing this pendant which is always a good sign when it comes to jewelry as many a times in the past I have bought jewelry and she would wear it a couple of times and then it would disappear (probably somewhere into that handbag I think...). With this gift but in this case I am pretty sure that I have picked a winner (that is not only from my view).

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A Video on Heart Pendant Made in Gold.

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