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Grobag baby sleeping bags - an essential item for any baby.

Updated on July 14, 2011

What is a grobag baby sleeping bag?

Grobag Baby sleeping bags are fast becoming a must-have item in any babys nursury, and an essential part of babies bedtime routine. A baby sleeping bag is a 'wearable ' blanket that wont slip over your baby during the night or be kicked off . They come in 3 warmth ratings or togs so you can select the one that is right for the season or the warmth of your babies room.

Grobags are the creation of Rob and Ouvrielle Holmes.  The grobag was inspired by there eldest son Sam who kept his parents awake most of the night for the first 7 months of his life due to kicking off his covers every night.The Grobag brand was born in September 2000 and was introduced in the UK with the assistance of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID).

Grobag baby sleeping bag - bubbles
Grobag baby sleeping bag - bubbles

The benefits of a baby grobag.

 * Your baby is safe when sleeping in a grobag as they are unable to slip beneath the covers.

* No matter how much of a wriggler your baby is the grobag will never slip out of place.

* As the grobag comes in a choice of tog ratings, you can pick one that is suited to the weather condtions at home or on

* Helps stop babies feet from getting stuck in the slats in the cot.

* Keeps your baby at the right temperature all night long. 

* a Grobag can make it harder for your toddler to climb out of there cot/crib.

* no more being woken in the middle of the night to replace your babies covers that have been kicked off.


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    • profile image

      Kids Clothes 7 years ago

      These are a really good idea and I like that the baby cannot kick it off and get cold over night but you have to use them right from when the baby is born or at least very young as its virtually impossible to get a 6 month baby into one for the first time.

    • profile image

      Bambini Pronto 8 years ago

      This is definitely a must have for all new parents! I used it with both my two kids and purchased them in Australia at this shop called Bambini Pronto. Great service.

    • profile image

      charlino 8 years ago

      This is a very nice idea, and the product appears to be one that would be beneficial for both parent and child.