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Falling in Love With Camellia Oil for My Hair.

Updated on March 3, 2015

Discovering The Best Oil for My Dry, Bleached and Over Processed Hair.

My highlighted long hair was in need of some TLC. Especially the lower length and ends. I have used hair oils over the years, but none of them seemed to provide enough moisture. There really isn't an overwhelming amount of information for using hair oils on dry or color treated hair. May aim is to introduce you to Camellia oil and how I use it on my hair. Please note, I have long highlighted hair.

My New Must-Have Hair Oil

The Beauty of Camellia Oil for Dry Hair

This past July (2013) I decided to take my dark hair light. The lightening process was slow because I wanted it that way. (I know my hair very well because it’s thick and long. I’ve had to learn to color and care for it over the years. Let’s put it this way, when I go to salons, I have to take my own hair dryer because the stylist doesn’t know how to blow it out the way it should be. Bringing down layers at a time and not simply ambushing it with the dryer and a brush.) Going light over a longer period of time supposedly does less damage to the hair. Supposedly!

From July through September, I had little pieces of hair balayaged throughout my whole head. (Balayage is the art of painting bleach onto the top of the hair and not wrapping in foils. This gives a more natural highlighted look.) By October I had my hair exactly where I wanted it. All of the thin highlighted pieces formed a beautiful head of light hair that looked like I’d spent 6 weeks lounging on a beach. (I wish!) I then researched the best way to lift my root growth and found Goldwell Silk Lift. I’m lucky that my stylist lets me bring my own bleach to the salon as they don’t have access to Goldwell.

I was happy with my new golden locks, but I quickly noticed that they were a little dry. Even after weekly hair masques, the ends seemed a bit more brittle than normal. (Over processing hair takes its toll. That is simply a part of being a bleached blonde.) Because I’ve had long hair for years and love to take care of it, I was familiar with hair oils. I’ve used everything from oils popular in India, olive oil, to argan oil and even castor oil. I started using argan oil from massive raves and reviews online. Argan oil is fantastic for a smooth blowout, but I noticed when I used it on my newly bleached hair, it left a slight brassy tone. I have nothing against argan oil and it may not add brassiness to other processed hair, but I decided to give it a break and start researching other hair oils.

I’m an beauty fanatic. There is something about the products and reading the reviews that just sucks me in. I can’t help it. (And I realize not all of the reviews may be real. Need to lecture me on that topic :) ) So when I needed to find yet another new hair oil, my online search lead me to but of course! I’m not sure how I found it, but the first hair oil to pop up was Camellia oil. I’m not going to lie, the simple yet elegant design of the bottle initially captured my attention. (I could picture that chic bottle sitting on my dressing table.) I’d heard of Camellia oil before, but for some reason never researched it because at the time I was satisfied the hair oils I was using. And I’m a massive fan of Japanese beauty products. It seemed this new hair oil would be a perfect fit. Not going to lie of course the reviews helped sway my decision to purchase.

Less than a week later I had the new bottle of Camellia oil in my hands. (The vendor shipped in a timely manner and there was no leakage upon arrival.) I don’t speak or read Japanese, but from all of the online reviews I knew it would work on dry or wet hair. That first evening I rubbed a dime size amount through my dry ends. I have very thick hair. So if you are using on dry ends with normal hair, you may want to use less. Two days later I washed my hair. I always let my hair air dry for about 20 minutes before using the hair dryer and doing the tedious blowout process. Again, I put about a dime size of Camellia oil into the length and ends of my damp hair. I used the oil along with a detangler. The result of my blowout was beautiful, soft shiny hair without many flyaways. I was so happy with the look of this blowout. I know it was because I used Camellia oil. There was also no brassy tint to my hair. Everyone else may be in love with argan oil, but my new favorite for dry hair and beautiful blowouts is Camellia oil.

BIO: My name is Kate Alexandre and I'm a freelance beauty and fashion writer. On HubPages you can find me writing mainly about beauty. I like to share what I'm currently using. What is working and what isn't. I occasionally blog for fashion handbag labels and write content about what's happening in the world of style. For example I'm a guest blogger for PLIA Designs highlighting several of their collections of designer handbags.

Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil - My new love - Camellia Hair Oil

Oshimatsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil, 60ml
Oshimatsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil, 60ml

The hair oil that transformed my dry locks. I love it so much I had to write about it. It will always be a staple in my hair care regime.


Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Oil for Hair REVIEW! - A Great Review on Camellia Oil

Camellia hair oil and how this reviewer uses it.

The Camellia Flower - What the bloom looks like

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    • SundayMacarons profile image

      Kate Alexandre 2 years ago

      I love it! I've recently been using it on my ends as they are really dry. I do like coconut oil as well. Sometimes I'll put coconut oil on my lengths and sleep with it in. It's a really great deep conditioner.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I have only tried coconut oil and it works but now you have made me curious about camellia oil.

    • SolveMyMaze profile image

      SolveMyMaze 2 years ago

      Nice hub. I've suffered from dry hair in the past and I've found a lot of the 'premium' products to be average at best, with the most expensive ones actually making my hair feel even drier.

      I've never tried the oil from Oshima Tsubaki though, so that'll be the next one on my list when the dryness rears its head again! Thanks for sharing.