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Healthy Hair Care Tips and Advice

Updated on January 7, 2012

What you should know about your hair...

Are you happy with that dull dry hair of yours? Because when I had it I completely hated it. I’m pretty sure everyone does, what could be satisfying about dried, fried, and split ended hair! So if you’re ready to see a change I suggest you read these tips, facts, and myths about your hair. These tips are what work for me and how I got long healthy hair. You need to know these things before your hair will just be completely dead. Many people just end up keeping their hair short because they can no longer grow it because of how much damage has been done.

Are you addicted to the flat iron? The curling iron? Or maybe even the crimper? Well whatever it is I am going to help keep you satisfied with your hair and let you keep using these heat machines! Let’s start with the tips shall weJ. First off if you’re addicted to the heat! You need to make sure you use a heat protectant 24/7 always spray one in before you use those heat tools. My favorite heat protectant is the Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray. Many brands carry them I just like this one because its only around 3 dollars and it does the job. When you spray in your protectant your hair will be damp of course, so don’t use the heat until it dries or you will be frying your hair. A big no no when it comes to get your hair grown out and healthy. A tip that I have found to dry your protectant is to get a wide tooth comb and brush it out. This will help dry it quicker so you don’t have to start straitening, curling, or crimping while your hair is wet. Another tip is using your certain types of shampoos and conditioners, a lot of them are just full of junk. If you get a billion chemicals in your hair do you think it will grow? Of course not if you use those types of products you are straining out all of those natural oils that you need to grow out your hair. Also these products will quickly dry out your hair and I mean fast, a big reason your hair is so dry is because of the shampoos and conditioners and sprays. So on your next trip to the drugstore pick up a shampoo and conditioner that talks about moisture. My favorites are herbal essences and tresemme they both have good moisturizers.

When you walk out of the shower what do you do with your hair? Put it up in a towel and move the towel back in forth to dry? Or blot your wet hair with a towel gently? Well the one you should have chosen was the second one, this option is less damaging. If you chose the first option you are completely ruining your hair you need to stop. I am guilty of doing this occasionally when I am rushing and needing to get out the door fast. This is a very bad habit of mine and I try every chance I can to stop it. So my advice for you would just be to get a towel after you’re done with your shower and just blot down the water off of your hair. Another good tip people forget about is protein. Protein is a big chunk of your hair and you need it if you want your hair more healthy and to get thicker hair. So I suggest protein shakes, any type of protein bars, and more foods high in protein. The food I eat and drink are; nuts, special k protein shakes, fish, zone classic protein bars, and muscle milk. All of these products are great for consuming that right amount of protein; they all taste great and are very filling! If you stick with this protein diet you will not only have great silky hair but your body will also look great.

Another great tip for you is taking your vitamins, this is a big must. Taking your vitamins will give your hair strength and more fullness. If you take your daily vitamins it will help your health and your hair, I know I saw results faster with this trick. Vitamins that are great are Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B12. Vitamin D is great for the strength. Vitamin E is good for the shine. Vitamin B12 is great for just about everything and is now the new diet plan as well! My last and final tip is to get a trim every three months; this will not help with growth that is a myth! Trimming your hair does not make it grow longer faster, I am sorry to say. What trimming will do though is give you a healthy look which will make the growing process easier. Next time when you go to the salon ask for only an inch off. Well I hope you enjoyed my hair tips thanks so much for reading!


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    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      Thanks Anna! And yes if you take your vitamins and protein everyday you will see how much of a difference it makes in your hair. Thanks for reading and commenting, have a great day:)

    • AnnaCia profile image

      AnnaCia 6 years ago

      I like this hub a lot. I have long hair. With age, my hair has changed a lot and the grey hair kills me. But I love having my long hair. You are right, vitamins and protein intake are a plus. Vote up

    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      thanks for the great comment i'm glad you enjoyed it!

    • profile image

      Kriptox 6 years ago

      Great work.Nice tips to maintain a healthy hair. Overall an excellent hub.Well explained . I should checkout your other hubs too.Thanks a lot for sharing



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