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Halloween Nail Designs, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on August 21, 2015

Halloween Nail Art

While any time of the year could be good for nail art we associate with Halloween, it's especially appropriate during that period of the year and, depending on whether you want to shock, surprise, or delight, can be something that works fantastic in a variety of social situations.

Halloween is a fun time to express things related to horror, fears, shock, surprise and also more whimsical elements related to the genre, including pumpkins, spider webs, skeletons, skulls, ghosts and flying witches on broomsticks.

Whatever it is, nails offer a great canvass to express the Halloween image or images you prefer to show to others.

Of course Halloween nail art can also be used to complement a particular costume, with the nails painted in a way that relates to your theme, or include color that goes with the color of your costume.

Whatever it is that is decided, Halloween nail art designs are a lot of fun and offer a wide variety of design options for those choosing to partake in it.

Halloween Nail Art Design

The most obvious and more popular choice for Halloween nail art design is the traditional Halloween colors of black and orange. You can't go wrong with this, and it goes with all sorts of items associated with Halloween, including scarecrows, pumpkins or even background colors for other characters or things associated with the special day.

One thing a lot of people do is paint a different image on every nail, presumably in order to show the array of things they like on Halloween, or they sometimes do it on every other nail to add an element of design to the images being shown.

But not only are different images painted on the individual nails, but there are also different colors used for each nail, providing a kaleidoscope of color.

Another Halloween nail design practice is to include words sometimes used at Halloween, with the most obvious being "Boo" on the nails. There could be others like scary, fear, or maybe something spoken by a

character in a horror film, or a picture of an easily recognizable character from a film. Some have done that very effectively.

Nail Design with Traditional Halloween Color and Images

In this first photo we'll look at Halloween nail art which includes traditional colors and images from the scary day.

First of all there is the orange used as the base of the design, whereby the rest of the work is built out from. As mentioned earlier, orange as a Halloween color always works, as does the use of black; shown in the nail art below, which was used for decorative purposes and the of that cool, white ghost.

There is also a hint of gold at the base of the design in the middle of the nails, with the exception of the nail with the ghost on it.

If you want something easy to do and which works well with Halloween, this is a simple but effective design that will always be appropriate for the day.


Spider Web Halloween Nails

Here is a good example of using colors outside of the traditional orange and black of Halloween and still creating a great look.

Spider webs are a big part of the Halloween theme, as the always produce that sense of the scary unknown as you walk into an area full of them.

That translates well into nail art, and including an individual spider web on each nail to end up with a group of five on the hand is pretty cool.

And as you can see from the photo, this wouldn't be a real difficult spider web to create, although it looks good.

You could use any color combination to create this look, along with any background. Even if you wanted a black background, any lighter color could be used to make the spider web.


Halloween Nails with Black Base

Black and Halloween go together, as you can see from this great looking set of nails with a scary theme to them, built upon a black base.

It's amazing how great a set of nails look with a simple design theme like presented below. The little image of white on black look fantastic, and including a touch of red on spider on the one nail adds a nice touch to the overall look and feel of the nails.

I like how this woman chose to have a different design on each nail while working from the same black foundation.


Halloween Nail Art Video Tutorials

Now we'll look at a nice group of video tutorials showing exactly how to design a plethora of Halloween nails to startle or delight family and friends.

There are tutorials on splattered blood, dripping blood, skulls, spiders, spider webs and Jack Skellington, among others.

Something to take note of is the variety of designs and colors included in the nail art, as there are an infinite number of themes and images to choose from.

Blood Splatter Fingernail Design

Halloween Crime Scene Nail Art Tutorial

Black Widow Spider Nails for Halloween

Halloween Nail Art: Jack Skellington!

Different Halloween Image on Each Nail

Before the Halloween nail video tutorials there was a picture of the nails with a black base but a different image on each nail. In this photo there is a similar theme, except in this case it's of a different base and image on each nail, which creates a colorful result.

I think it looks great, and it works pretty good because the nails on each hand mirror one another even though they're different on the individual fingers of each hand.

This is another way you can design Halloween nail art if you want to really experiment with a completely different image on each finger. Those who like a variety of images from Halloween and want to show them all will like this method.

Below the first photo is one that includes a purple or black base for the nails, with a different design on each one. It shows the contrast of brighter and darker colors to see which one would work best for you.


Varnished Halloween Nails

If you want to add a lot of shine to your Halloween nail design, maybe you would want to try to varnish them, as you see in the photo.

I haven't ever done that, but when looking at the varnished nails, it does make them pop out in a way that regular nails don't. Think of what they would have looked like if they had a brighter set of colors on the nails. The glimmer from the shiny substance also adds a unique look.

Varnishing nails may not be for everybody, but it does provide a compelling look to the nail design.


Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween nail designs are really a lot of fun, and when you gravitate into the horror portion of the art form, it's something that could be used in other social situations; for example, a costume party unrelated to Halloween, cosplay, and/or a party with a horror theme.

Whatever the reason, the amount of subject matter and creativity is endless with Halloween or horror nail designs, and they offer a fun respite from the everyday way of painting our nails.


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