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Hand Tattoo Designs

Updated on April 12, 2016

Tattoos on the hand can be a great choice for those wanting to have their ink seen pretty much at all times. The downside of course is there are circumstances that could come about where it would be inappropriate to be tattooed up so visibly. Job interviews are one of the more obvious situations, depending on what type of joy you're applying for.

But for having a tattoo out there for everyone to see, especially on the back of the hand, there is no better and more obvious place than that, possibly other than the face or neck which have their own downsides, for the same reasons mentioned above.

But the hand, like the foot, has some strengths certain designs cater to, like extending the tattoo out onto the fingers, which can be very compelling, or creepy, based on the design and theme.

There are exceptions the rule, but most hand tattoos are inked on the back of the hand, presumably for display purposes.

High Voltage Tattoo

Henna Tattoo

Henna ink has that nice brownish hue to it, and displays nice when done correctly. This scrolling henna hand tattoo offers up some nice art to show the variety of designs you can include on the hand.

You have the line of tattoos going up onto the pinky finger, as well as individual pieces on the next two fingers. The scrolling from the thumb up onto the index finger looks good.

Henna Hand Tattoo Design

Awesome henna tattoo design for the hand.
Awesome henna tattoo design for the hand.

A black light tattoo design on the hand is a good choice, as you, in most cases, are able to see little of the actual tattoo in daylight, and when you get to show it off in a black light situation, it captivates those being shown, as you can see below.

Black Light, UV Hand Tattoo

Among many followers of the Bible there are those who choose to put a favorite verse on their body. The choice of placing it on two hands is pretty interesting, and makes the viewer read the entire scripture on both hands to get the whole verse. Works good with the choice of a watch and heart behind the verse.

Bible Verse Hand Tattoo

This is one of those tattoos that take advantage of the entirety of the hand and its unique shape. Seeing Spidey shoot out his web via the fingers is a great effect.

Spiderman Hand Tattoo

While a hand tattoo with a dark theme, it is mesmerizing to me to see the fantastic design in the image. What is amazing to me is the way the light color wisps from the knuckle down, wrapping around the skeleton head.

Horror Hand Tattoo

Here's another dark tattoo theme for the hand, this time the skull and bones design which is popular among a lot of those getting inked. while this one looks decent, you can tell it was a challenge to place the overall image on the back of the hand.

Skull and Bones Hand Tattoo

I like the contrasting light and dark with this Philippine hand tattoo. Not only the surrounding light around the sun, but the dark and light contrast of the stars and area around those as well. The darkness of the ink of the sun itself is fantastic to me.

Phillipine Sun Hand Tattoo

This is one of the most amazingly detailed hand tattoos I have seen. The combination of the scorpion and tribal themes worse extraordinarily well together, and the extension onto the fingers flows nicely.

Hand Scorpion Tribal Tattoo

As you can see from these hand tattoos, the hand makes a great canvass for a tattoo artist to work with, specifically the back of the hand, which includes that large section in the middle to work out from onto the thumbs or fingers. If you have no problem with a hand tattoo holding you back in areas of your life, it's a great choice to show off your tattoo design.


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    • profile image

      rfmrmom 6 years ago

      They are a cool thing to have but most work places would not let it fly.