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Harley Davidson Belt Buckles And Belts

Updated on August 25, 2011

The Range Of Harley Belt Buckles And Belts

If you are looking for a Harley Davidson belt buckle, either for yourself or as a gift, here's a great selection to choose from for both men and women. Not content with just giving a great selection of Harley buckles, below you will also find a cool range of Harley Davidson belts to wear them on too.

You know what to expect from a Harley Davidson belt buckle, they're big, they're bold and they look darn sexy with a pair of jeans. The womens range is slightly softer, but still Harley through and through. If you like your bling, there are some gorgeous Harley buckles adorned with crystals. They are super feminine, but still with that bold Harley edge.

Check out the Harley Davidson belt buckles and belts below, there are 3 sections: Harley Belt Buckles for men, Harley belt buckles and belts for women and Harley belts for men at the very bottom.

Harley Davidson Belt Buckles For Men

Excellent gift ideas, these Harley belt buckles are within a great price range to suit all budgets.

The styles vary a lot as you can see to the right, the only advice I would give if choosing one as a gift is does the guy you are buying for wear jewelry? If so, you may want to stick with the metal color of the jewelry, so that's basically silver or yellow gold.

It's no biggie though, he may not care either way, it's just that some people don't like to mix yellow and white metals, myself included!

These Harley Davidson belt buckles are big and bold, real masculine pieces that display the Harley lifestyle choice loud and proud. If you are buying one as a gift, remember that he doesn't even need to wear a belt to appreciate a Harley belt buckle as a gift. Lots of men collect them and use as decorative items either in display cabinets or on shelves.

It's not hard to see why though, these buckles are beautifully designed Harley accessories that are real statement pieces.

All these buckles are easily interchangeable, a collection of Harley buckles wouldn't just be decorative, he'll also have a great selection to choose from to wear.

Harley Davidson belt buckles are a really easy gift choice that covers either decorative, collectible, practical or all three!

If you get stuck for gift ideas, starting someone off with a collection is a great way to make gift buying easy. You can add to the growing collection on each special occasion.

Harley Davidson Belt Buckles and Belts For Women

Equally great gift ideas as the Harley buckles and belts for men, these sexy Harley accessories for women are real statement pieces that compliment the rock or biker chick style.

If you like (or your gift recipient likes) a bit of sparkle, the top 3 buckles to the right are ideal. Encrusted with cystals, these Harley buckles stand out from the crowd and add a really feminine element to the Harley belt buckle style.

If crystals aren't your thing, there's also the classic Bar and Shield logo buckle and a more simplified open Bar and Shield version.

If you are looking specifically for a Harley Davidson belt, you can choose from the basic version with the Harley Davidson signature embossed on it or the more embellished winged or concho designs.


Basic Harley embossed belt: XX-Small to 3W

Harley winged belt: X-Small to 3W

Harley Concho belt: X-Small to 3W

The Harley Davidson winged logo belt is 1 1/4" wide, the buckle is detachable.

The Harley Davidson embossed signature belt is 1 1/2" wide and fits any Harley Davidson buckle.

The Harley Davidson concho belt measures 1 1/2" wide, with Bar and Shield embellishments. The winged buckle is detachable.

All womens Harley Davidson belts listed are 100% genuine leather.

If you want a gift for a Harley loving woman, these are gorgeous accessories to go for. Other great Harley Davidson gifts for women include: Harley Davidson Handbags and Harley Davidson Sunglasses. If it's things for the home that tops the wish list, Harley Davidson Home Decor might be worth checking out for some cool homewares that make great gifts.

Below you will find a range of Harley Davidson stuff that makes great gifts for all the family.

Harley Davidson Belts For Men

All Harley Davidson belts for men listed are 100% genuine leather and come in a range of sizes from 28 - 50".

There are a variety of different designs to choose from as you can see to the right.

These belts are high quality, affordable accessories for men who are rocking the Harley Davidson style. Did I mention that they make great gifts too?!


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