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Face Painting Children: Using Hearts

Updated on February 29, 2024

Using Hearts in Face Painting Children

Children are full of love and when it comes to them expressing that love, they find a lot of ways to do it, including with face painting.

One of the more popular themes children use in all of face painting is with hearts, where it can be the center of the theme or a complementary part of the overall design.

In this article we'll look at a number of face painting designs for children using hearts. There will be those that are standalone hearts, but most will be of hearts included as a part of the overall design, which includes other element in it.

For example, there will be hearts as part of a face painting design with another popular theme - rainbows. Others have the shape of a heart but with a secondary theme like the American flag painted in, rather than the traditional red color we think of with hearts.

Speaking of that, hearts are also painted in using other colors according to the personal preferences of each child.

What's great about using hearts for face painting children is they are appropriate year round because they never stop loving and want to express that love concerning something or someone all the time.

So if you want to help children choose a face painting theme, usually hearts will be a great one to work with that they won't resist in any way.

Even if they want another main theme, usually a heart included in the design will be acceptable and embraced by them.

Face Painting with Hearts, Stars and Rainbow

This first photo of a heart face painting shows probably the three most popular design elements embraced by children: hearts, stars and rainbows. All of them are beloved, and as you can see by the expression on the face of this little girl, it creates a lot of joy and happiness for them.

As you can see, this is a very simple design which wouldn't take very long to make. With most children it's not the complex designs that are necessarily the best, but those that represent what is important to them.

With hearts it is an expression of love that counts for most children, and other happy things added to that only enhance that for them.


String of Pink Hearts

Next is an example of using a different color than the traditional red for a face painting using hearts as the main theme - in this case pink.

Using a theme like hearts in a scrolling pattern on the side of the face is a good strategy, as you see below, as you can add other elements like the scrolling lines and little dots to fill in blank spots to give the perception of continuity in the design.

Also note the way the lighter color was used on the left side of the heart as we look at it to give it the appearance of reflection. Very nice job.

Heart with Flag Design in it

This simple heart face painting design was included to show how you can take the shape of a heart and place another theme within it to show your love for it.

In this case it's a patriotic statement saying she loves the United States. But you could include almost anything inside to express that love. For example, a dog, cat, or even words like mom and dad or a close friend. The possibilities are endless.

If there is a desire to express love towards more than one thing or person, there could be more hearts added and the words or images included inside each on.


Heart Painted on Forehead

You get almost the feeling of the heart being a jewel of some sort worn in the center of the forehead with this next face painting design. The next one will include that theme as well, although it'll look completely different than this one.

I really like how this one was done. Even though the red color of the heart appears at first to clash with the rest of the very different colors, it actually somehow goes together, although possibly a different color within may have brought it together a little better. The little bit of orange near the top of the heart helps it to blend some.

This appears to be a heart sitting on the top of a rainbow, with the colors starting right above the eyes and working their way up.

The white designs scattered about the forehead help to shape and define the overall look; seemingly holding all within the borders, even though some is spilling over them.

It's subtle, but there is a light touch of glitter sprinkled over the face paint to add some sheen to it. Very cute.


Traditional Red Heart Face Painting

In this final image of a little girl with a heart face painting theme, there is the more traditional red color used as the dominant color. It really stands out nicely and strongly with the complementary ride surrounding much of the other red.

This is much louder than the heart design above, which is why I placed them together in the article to give some contrast to it.

You can see how design that have a general similarity to them can look completely different just by a color change or outlines that help the color to pop out more.


Face Painting with Hearts

Children gravitate toward hearts because of their being considered a way of expressing love. It's something that never goes out of favor and is worn proudly by the children who want to use the theme.

These images should give you some ideas for the children in your life as to various ways of expressing love towards someone or something that includes other things they like; things like different colors, stars and rainbows, among many others.

Just let your imagination flow and communicate with the child or children as to what their personal likes are, and you'll never find them disappointed using hearts to express themselves using face painting as the tool to do it.


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