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Help Your Eyebrows To Grow Quickly

Updated on January 23, 2015

How To Get Eyebrows To Grow Back

if you want to know how to get eyebrows to grow back then I know you will find this article very helpful in your quest to do just that. Eyebrows as you probably know can really change the way you look. That is true for both men and women but I think especially for women. This article also includes how to help with naturally growing eyebrows and also how to care for them.

A slant here, a curve there, the perfect taper and even the smallest change can transform the look of your face. For help with this article I talked to my daughter who owns her own hairdressing business and provides eyebrow treatments as one of her services.

She has pretty much seen it all when it comes to dealing with eyebrow growth and fixing eyebrow catastrophes. So many people make the decision to remove eyebrows and pencil replace them and it can go horribly wrong.

In this article I will share her industry knowledge to help you learn how to get eyebrows to grow back.

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Shaping Eyebrows


How To Get Eyebrows To Grow Faster

Have You Over Plucked Your Eyebrows?

If you have really natural thin eyebrows or have went overboard with a set of tweezers then this section will help you deal with that particular problem. According to customers from my daughter's salon it happens regularly and often so as least you know you are not the only one.

Her number one tip to get growth is to just leave them alone. Put away the tweezers, the wax and anything else you use on your brows. People find this a bit of a reality check as despite the way they look now, tweaking at them won't actually do anything other than make them look worse.


You need to give them the chance to grow out before you can shape and fix them. The question is how long you should grow them out for and the answer is 6 months to a year. When you leave them alone eventually new growth will appear and at that stage you will need to start shaping. That is usually around 4 weeks.

Hairs that grow close to your existing eyebrow hairs should be left alone but you can tweeze out the sporadic ones otherwise your brows will look a bit crazy. Don't overdo this though but just remove the random hairs that are not close to the original brow line.

Many ladies are not willing to allow this process to happen for pretty obvious reasons. Their need to look good overcomes their desire to have great looking eyebrows. The reality is however that this shorter period of patience has so many more long term benefits, that it really is worthwhile persisting for just a few short months.


Exfoliate the brows with a very soft brush as this gets the blood circulating in that area and will quickly encourage growth. Do this once a day and do it gently.

Lashes and Brows


Best Exfoliation Brushes To Stimulate Eyebrow Growth

To encourage eyebrow growth the skin underneath the brow needs to be ex-foliated. By stimulating the blood underneath the brows you increase the blood growth to the hair roots and this in turn encourages growth. This takes a few minutes each day but is very effective.

The brush type must be soft to avoid red splotches and yet be strong enough to slightly remove dry skin. A baby's toothbrush is perfect for this and I have recommended two brushes here. You can buy specific brushes for this daily activity, but honestly a small toothbrush is as good as any you will buy.

It does need to be soft though otherwise there is the risk of scratching and you do not want that to happen.

The Useful Tortoise Brush for Eyebrow Brushing

Hand-made tortoise eyebrow brush
Hand-made tortoise eyebrow brush

Again something like this will work well and just takes a few minutes a day


Understanding How Your Eyebrows Grow

Valuable Knowledge That Explains Growth

Some people are born with fabulous looking eyebrows that grow quickly and with a little care always look great. Most people are born with good eyebrows and again with a little care these can also look great. There are also many people who are born with thin eyebrows and they do need work to help them grow.

The reasons for this are usually genetic and are handed down to us from parents and grand parents. Eyebrow thickness is also impacted by skin colour, our general health and the environment in which we lead our daily lives.

The final reason and probably the single thing that we can control is how we treat and manage our eyebrows. My daughter has said so many times that she wished tweezers had never been invented. She has lost count of the number of times ladies have come into her salon with their eyebrows plucked like a turkey at Christmas.

What Makes Eyebrows Grow?

Like any hair growth a hair grows from a simple root within the skin. A healthy blood supply and natural skin oil then promotes growth. The forehead in all humans is an area of skin where you either can have no oil, the right amount of oil or too much. Getting the natural balance is key to good growth.

For people with thin eyebrows certain oil products will really help with growth if done in conjunction with removing any dead skin. In simple terms a combination of exfoliation and moisturisation.

For over plucked eyebrows it will depend on the type of skin that you have. The important thing with these is to understand that you first need to stop plucking and allow growth. This takes anything up to a year to happen. In the first 4-6 weeks if there is no growth then you would also need to exfoliate and moisturise to encourage growth.

A Few Seconds Of Your Time Please

What Methods Of Eyebrow Growth Have You Tried?

See results

Using an Eyebrow Pencil


Getting Your Eyebrows To Grow Thicker

The key to growth we have pretty much covered in the above information. Thickness is a whole different thing and the top tip for that is layering. According to my daughter even the thinnest eyebrows can see an almost immediate benefit if the layering is done properly.

That is the first thing and on top of that you should also try some help with a gel designed to encourage healthy growth. There are many of these available and I have included a few of them below.

In the salon my daughter uses GrandeLASH as she has got the best and most consistent results with that particular brand but there are plenty of others to choose from. The important thing to promote thickness is to make sure the hair growth is healthy and is supported by some type of moisture.

A Useful Brow Pencil for Filling and Shaping

Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil
Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil

A pencil is really important when looking after your brows and I would recommend this one as my wife swears by its quality


Great Video On Getting Your Eyebrows To Grow Thicker and Faster

Have You Any Ideas On How To Get Eyebrows To Grow - If So, Please Feel Free To Leave Them Below

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    • profile image

      Mike Burton 

      4 years ago from uk

      If you want grow your eyebrows fast try to use brow effect which is help to make your eyebrows thicker.

    • Julia Cussler profile image

      Julia Cussler 

      4 years ago

      Thanks for the tips on how to get eyebrows to grow back. I've realized that I really need to improve this area.


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