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10 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Updated on January 24, 2016
Get rid of pimples fast.
Get rid of pimples fast.

How to get rid of pimples fast

Acne is a skin disease that varies in severity,ranging from a few occasional breakouts to large painful cysts and red bumps covering face,chest and arms. Pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, ,cysts and red bumps are all part of the disease process called acne.

First of all Find out severity of your acne

If you are starting to have just a few pimples or closed comedones on your face, then your acne is mild.

Dermatologist Kenneth L. Flendermeyer suggests an easy way to find out the severity of your acne.count the number of lesions on your face,he recommends.

‘’ If you have fewer than 10 total lesions on your face, your acne is ‘mild’. If you have 10 to 30, call it

‘moderate’. If you have more than 30, call it ‘severe’. If you have even one large nodule or cyst,

call it ‘severe’ .’’

If your acne is mild or moderate ,then following tips will help you clear your skin.Good exfoliating agents work to remove pimples quickly but long lasting solution takes some time .I suffered from moderate acne(that for a few days turned severe) for 8 years,during that period learned a lot about skin.

Choose a good acne cleanser

Using a good cleanser that is neither harsh nor oily, goes a long way towards controlling acne.Stiefl Laboratories acne products are good.I would sometimes use Stiefl acne aid bar but often acne aid face wash.It’s mild ,won’t clog pores but also will not leave skin dry like soap.Do use any moisturizer after that ,you don’t need it.If you think you must use something that hydrates you skin—rosewater is good choice.Try to use less chemicals on face.

Things to keep in mind while selecting a cleanser:

  • Avoid moisturizing cleansers, they make pimples worse.
  • Do not select any cleanser that is advertised as good for sensitive or dry skin.
  • Do not use cleansing creams.
  • If your acne is mild, you can use soap but don’t choose moisturizing soaps like dove.

Glycolic acid peel for getting rid of pimples fast


A good exfoliating agent will quickly dry up your pimples and make them heal faster.As pimples or acne is caused by excess oil production and dead skin cells sticking in pores ,a good exfoliator removes them both .

There are many different types of exfoliating agents,but I will mention what I have used.

Glycolic acid peel

Chemical peeling has been used for acne for many years.Among different acids used for chemical peeling of skin,Glycolic acid is a good, safe exfoliating agent. It will not only make the pimples disappear but also fade the marks left by earlier pimples.

For Glycolic acid peel at home,you will need 30% glycolic acid,a cotton ball and rosewater.

How to apply:

First do a test peel,apply the acid at a small patch of skin behind your ear,if you experience just stinging and a little redness,that you can stand ,then it means you tolerate it well.

  • be ready for full face peel.
  • wash your face with a gentle oil free cleanser.
  • Apply the acid with the help of cotton ball on your skin.let it stay for 5-10 will sting and can get a little red.That's normal.
  • wash your face with cool tap water.Do not use hot water or very cold water,as it can give shock to skin.
  • Pat,not rub the face dry.
  • If you feel your skin is drying apply rose water.
  • Repeat the peel after every 2 weeks for six months,if your acne is moderate.
  • If you have just a few pimples,one application will dry them ,but its better to repeat the application a few more time to prevent future break outs.

Precautions while using glycolic acid.

  • Do not exceed the strength of glycolic acid. I do not recommend using strength higher than 30% at home.
  • Do not go out in the sun after the peel.use it on night and try to avoid sun for next 24 hours.

Precautions for repeat applications of Glycolic acid peel:

  • At least give a gap of 14 days after every peel.
  • Protect your skin from harsh weather. It’s better to stop using glycolic acid in summer.
  • Chances of scarring are nil with 30% glycolic acid so if you develop any rash or mild surface injury,do not worry. It will heal,as your skin gets used to acid.
  • Your skin will become more sensitive to sun damage,so try your best to avoid strong sunlight even on the 3rd or 4th day of the peel.whenever you go out in sun,wear a sunblock (Spf 45 or above)30 minutes before and reapply after 2 hours.
  • Try to avoid any other skin product which will exfoliate or dry your skin
  • In six months you will see your skin clearing out and pimples disappearing.plz stop the use after six months.
  • Stop using glycolic acid in summer.
  • If you suffer from diabetes or any other disease that lowers immunity and leaves you vulnerable to infection.Please do not use glycolic acid at home ,but consult a dermatologist for your pimples.

Avoid popping pimples.
Avoid popping pimples.

Isotretnoin Gel

If you are not in too much hurry to treat your pimples,you can also use Iso tretenoin gel.It will take a few weeks for pimples to disappear and you will most probably also need a prescription for this medicine.Topical isotretenoin is very safe but pregnant women should not use it.If you develop irritation to skin,just stop using it and the side effect will go away.

How to apply

  • Wash your face and pat dry,
  • apply Isotrentoin gel at night before going to bed. A thin application is enough.
  • Make sure to wash your hands after that.
  • In the morning wash your face with a gentle oil free cleanser .Do not go out in the sun without sunblock or suncreen
  • If you experience any irritation to the gel, stop its use.


  • Do not use both Isotretinoin gel and glycolic acid.Just one exfoliating agent is enough.
  • Do not apply Isotretenoin gel to any area of skin that is sore or sun burnt.
  • Try not to let the gel get build up in creases or folds of skin.
  • Always wear sunblock while treating acne with any exfoliating agent.
  • 3-4 months use is enough to treat mild to moderate acne.

If you can’t get a prescription for Isotretenoing Gel ,use any other over the counter retin A cream.It will be less potent than Isotretenoin gel but also easier to handle.

Sun protection cream

As mentioned before,Sun is quite damaging to any person using exfoliating agents on skin, so try to limit your sun exposure. After exfoliation your skin is more vulnerable to sun as upper cell layers have been peeled off. When you go out in the sun, wear a sun block with SPf factor above 45.Reapply after every 2 hours.

While buying a sun protection cream make sure it’s not oily and won’t clog pores.

drinking water prevents pimples.
drinking water prevents pimples.

How to get rid of pimples Permanently

Drink your way to clear skin

If you want to get rid of pimples and breakout permanently and have clear beautiful skin,start drinking lots of water.Drink atleast 2.5 litres every day,and spread your intake of water throughtout the day.Don’t guzzle it all at once . when you start drinking water you may experience more breakouts,do not worry.It shows water is pushing out all those future pimples hiding in skin and also flushing out impurities.Do not stop drinking water even if you feel it’s having no effect or worsening the situation.continue drinking every day for the rest of your life.

‘’There are not much studies to support the claim that water is good for skin because pharmaceutical companies can’t patent and sell water. It’s hard for researchers to find anyone who would fund their research’’ ,say Rachel Nazarian, M.D., a clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital and a board-certified dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City .

Nazarian says “I’ve even found that my patients tend to complain of more acne lesions when they’re dehydrated.We know that small changes in diet can affect the type of oil and sebum that your skin makes, which we know, in turn, can be associated with an increase in acne formation. Dehydration may work the same way to trigger these changes in the oil glands in the skin.”

Besides getting a clear skin without any side effects ,you will get many other benefits from drinking water:

  • You will lose weight faster.
  • Water will prevent or relieve headaches and constipation.
  • You will not get tired quickly or feel fatigue.
  • You will perform better

Limit your use of heavy makeup if your skin is acne prone.
Limit your use of heavy makeup if your skin is acne prone.

Make up

cosmetics not only aggravate acne and skin problems but also cause it.If make up had no role in causing acne then dermatologists would not be using the term acne Cosmetica. Do not cover up your pimples with heavy makeup but clear them.

Heavy, greasy make up doesn’t let skin breathe by plugging pores and can cause mild acne turn into moderate or worse. Unclogging of pores clears pimples, so it’s unreasonable to use materials that would plug pores .Because of frequent use of heavy thick makeup combined with poor nutrition, there are more females suffering from acne than males.

You don’t have to avoid makeup for the rest of your life.just limit its use while you are treating your skin for pimples.

What type of makeup you can use if you have mild to moderate acne;

  • You can apply eye makeup and lipstick.
  • Powdered foundation brushed lightly is ok.
  • Occasionally use liquid foundation that gives medium coverage.

What type of makeup you should not use if you have acne prone skin:

  • Greasy or solid makeup products like pancake, stick ,concealers,cream, or cream to-powder compact foundations .
  • Blushes or bronzers in stick, cream, or cream-to-powder forms.
  • Oily or greasy hair preparations as, some gets onto the forehead and temples and cause pimples.
  • Theatrical or stage makeup
  • suntan oil

The temptation to use thick, solid make up products is understandable, because this type of makeup provides best coverage but you have to avoid it at least for the time period, your skin is healing from acne. In the meantime ,use oil free powdered foundation and occasionally use liquid foundation .apply concealer or stick foundation only to the area that you want to conceal instead of using it all over the face. Once your skin has cleared you can use liquid foundation that gives good coverage .Don’t use the cost of makeup as a guideline. Some of the most expensive foundation and concealers are dangerous for person having acne.

Best way to remove make up

So what is the best way to remove makeup?Cold creams and cleasing creams contain oil, so don’t use them. You should use them only when removing thick waterproof makeup like theatrical makeup, as this makeup won’t be easily removed in any other way. After removing makeup with cold cream ,use soap or oil free face wash with good scrubbing.

Fruits and vegetables drive away skin problems
Fruits and vegetables drive away skin problems

Eat fruits, vegetables and lean meat

The long lasting solution to your acne problem is eating healthy and drinking enough water.We become what we eat. If you care about looking good then be gentle to your skin and body .Do not stuff it with unhealthy food containing preservatives and just calories.Do not live for food just eat it enough to stay alive and healthy.Using junk food for pleasure and killing boredom takes its toll on the body sooner or later.Simplify your relationship with food.If you don’t like fruits,vegeteables and lean meat,treat them like a medicine that you have to take and that too in proper doses.It will be hard in the beginning but slowly your body will to love the simple organic food and thank you for eating it.

A step in the right direction

Besides poor nutrition,stressful lifestyle is also damaging to skin. If you are suffering from depression or just stressed out,it will affect your whenever you feel stress ,anxiety or depression,take a long walk. It will increase blood flow to body,release endorphins― powerful brain chemicals that calm and relax.

To get the full benefits of walking you don’t have to push yourself really hard.No need to pound the pavement.A long slow walk is as good as a short brisk walk.perhaps its even better because body is relaxed while enjoying fresh air.

What steps you usually take,if you start breaking out?

See results


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