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How To Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Updated on October 19, 2012

Ever struggle to get the perfect eyebrow shape?

Well here’s my little guide on how to do it! :)

1. First grow out your eye brows, because it’s hard to shape an eyebrow that’s already shaped.

2. Get a biro pen or something that won’t wipe off easily but will not stain either.

3. With your pen spend a few minutes drawing the shape you want over each eye brows.

4. With an eyebrow trimmer (remember to have the guard on) slowly run over the brows to trim any long hairs.

5. Pluck the eyebrows outside of the pen lines you have previously drawn on.

6. Wipe off the pen and apply your normal foundation make-up.

7. With an eyebrow pencil, slowly go over your eyebrows to add colour and to define them

8. If your eyebrow pencil has a highlighter on the over end, apply a bit under the eyebrow and smooth over the eyelid and lower brow area.

With these simple tips you should be able to get your perfect shape, but REMEMBER practice makes perfect, so if at first you don’t succeed, TRY AGAIN, until your comfortable shaping your brows.


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