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how to make a perfect body...including underarm treatments

Updated on January 17, 2012

How many of us worried for body than face? Generally women are conscious about their face then body, because face shows. But if you are not fit from inside then how can you be perfect? Nowadays women go to beauty salon to keep their body clean. But beauty salon use different types of products which may erase their brightness. Some women can see rashes by applying those products. Especially women those who work outside they want to be perfect from outside as well as inside.


face and body

To keep our body clean we should choose a right soap, bathing gel and a good body scrub. But all kind of soap is not suitable for everyone. Most of the Soap is generally made of animal or vegetable fat, and that soap which is made of animal fat can harm our skin, it erases lots of oil from our body. You can see the differences when you wash face or body with soap it looks fade. It can dry our skin as well. There is lots of cleanser in the department stores which is less effective than soap. Normally it is liquid like water it; it gives gentle touch to the skin. There is lots of cleanser milk available in malls with the name of different types of brands. Though they are highly defined brands but still at least 20% of chemical are present in it. It is better to use baby product which is harmless to our skin like Johnson and Johnson.


what is suitable for us?

But the question is whether these products are suitable for our skin? We have different types of skin, some have oily, some have sensitive, some have dry and some have normal skin. Compare to chemical products, it’s better to use homemade product than market products and eat healthy food.

For oily skin it is better to use mixture of honey and lime juice with a little drop of sandalwood powder before taking shower and apply this paste to whole body including face, hands, legs and body. Try to use orange juice everyday it keeps you fresh all the day. Lemon juice and cucumber paste work as bleach to our skin, so if you suit this items, try to use this paste before taking shower. Turmeric paste also gives you glow to your skin. Lemon or lime juice works as soap.

For dry skin, apply olive oil, honey and cream together leave it for 30 minutes then take shower. After taking bath always use little drop of glycerine and olive oil together or else you can buy body butter from body shop it can also gives you the feeling of home made products.

For sensitive skin, try not to use any chemical products better to use homemade but before applying anything try to consult any dermatologist for better results.

try to wash your face 5 times a day
try to wash your face 5 times a day | Source

some besuty tips

Some beauty foods tip to help our skin

· Carrots can help protect the outer layer of your ski and prevent anti aging problems.

· Citrus fruits hold your skin cells together by forming collagen. This is why it’s important to eat citrus fruits regularly.

· Eat wheat germ every day to get rid of pimples.

· Sweet potatoes contain lots of vitamin A which is a remarkable anti aging and anti wrinkling vitamin.

· If you have sensitive skin use a gentle, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic skin moisturizing.

· Baby wipes are great make up removers as well as hand and face refreshers.

under arm problems

Regarding under arm we always should clean our under arm with soap and other shower gel. Some people use razor on that place which causes dark skin, some do wax and some are reliable with hair removing creams. For sensitive skin hair removing cream is not safe to apply, it gives rashes sometime. Razor is made of steel and steel is not good for our skin whatever types of the skin it is. If you are rubbing your skin with steel it makes your skin darker than anything, and the skin becomes thick. Those who have dark skin they can’t wear any sleeveless or strapless tops, they always wear half or full sleeve tops. They feel shy to wear off shoulder dress because of their underarm skin.


treatments for underarm skin

To get rid of those skin there are some homemade solutions:-

· Cut a lemon slice and rub it on the arm pits and leave it for 10 minutes then wash it. Lemon works as a bleach.

· After taking shower rub some baking soda on the arm pits. This will also helps you to lightening the skin.

· Instead of using deodorants use some talcum powder on the arm pits before wearing any clothes or going out.

· Vitamin E gel and aloe Vera gel is also beneficial to lightening our dark skin.

· Sandalwood paste and rose water is a great combination to remove dark spots. Sandalwood paste can gives you a cool vibes.

· Take 1 tea spoon of cucumber juice, 1 tea spoon of lime juice and a pinch of turmeric powder to it to make thick paste. Apple this paste before taking shower and before going to bed, twice a day and leave it for 15 minutes then wash it.


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