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how to make healthy eyes and some eyebrows tips

Updated on January 17, 2012

dark circles under eye area

Regarding dark circle under your eyes, it’s not a huge problem of yours because about 70% people have the same problem as you are living with it. However, about 60% people especially teenagers go for sleep at midnight or enjoy late night parties and for this reasons they might be having this sorts of problems. They almost try to ruin their everyday lives. But is this the only reason of dark circle? Basically it can be either from genetically or girls put on weights and later they go for zero figure and losing their proteins and vitamins. They do not maintain a balance diet; they do not eat or drink properly, and which causes dehydration and many other things. There are several causes for the creation of dark circles. Due to stress and lack of sleeping can be a good reason for this.


home made pastes

Some sort of home treatment can be a remedy of dark circle to eye area. So, to get rid of dark circle women often use medicines and under eye gel which is badly injured to our eyes. Some people do laser surgery on the eye area but they forget that the ray they are using can be negative sign for their eye as well as health. We can remove our dark circles by following some simple natural steps.

· You can use cucumber slices to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles

· A slice of raw potato can be placed under your eyes to reduce dark circles

· Slightly elevate your head while sleeping to prevent extra fluid from settling around eyes and making them puffy.

· Try to avoid salty foods. They can cause fluid retention and eye puffiness.

· By placing a cold black tea bag on each eye area for approximately 10 minutes can help reduce eye puffiness and dark circles.

· Drink water as much as you can but at least you should drink 10- 12 glass of water every day.

· You can apply petroleum jelly under the eye area and keep this for a night, you can see the differences soon if you do this for a week.

· You can make paste like ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and ½ spoon milk creams. Apply it and leave it for 10 minutes you can see a huge change of your eyes

· You need to sleep for 8 hours daily. If you don’t you can see the dark circle is getting darker.

· Try to have fruits every day but only fresh fruits.

· Eat green leafy vegetables.

· A breakfast is the most important meal for a day beginning. Try to have protein on it.

· A mixture of almond oil and honey can be applied as a medicine, and can be a remedy of dark circles. You can see the result within a month.

· A few drops of lime juice and a paste of fresh mint can remove dark circles.

· Apply rose water every day morning when you wash your face, try to wash your face with warm water.

· Don’t take too much stress from your jobs or schools.

· Try not to drink alcohols and use moisturizer with olive oil and vitamin E, K.


But when you use these paste try not to use finger tip, try to use a cotton ball always. By doing this therapy you can remove the dark area as soon as possible. But one thing get in your mind drink water about 12 glasses every day.


some eyebrows tips

along with your eyes, your eyebrows can make you look more sharp then anything. your eyes can look brighter more if your eyebrows suits you. if you apply shades to your eyes and you did nothing to your brows, it will look dull. try some tips to make your brows look bright with your eyes.

  • if you pluck your eye brows, do so before your bedtime. this way, any redness or swelling can have a chance to go away
  • never underestimate the power of beautiful eyebrows, as they can gently enhance your face
  • when you want to enhance and define your eyebrows, choose a color shade that best matches your hair color.
  • your eyebrows should start right above the inner corner of your eye, peak at the outer corner of your iris, and curves down towards the end
  • try plucking your eyebrows right after a shower. the heat from the shower helps to loosen hair follicles, making plucking easier and less painful
  • when you pluck your eyebrows.make sure to pluck each of the hairs singly as close to the root as possible. this will leave a cleaner finish
  • use a pencil and powder in the correct shade to fill in your eyebrows (light skin: blond shade; olive skin: brown shade; darker skin: gray shade)/
  • plucking your eyebrows in the direction of the hair growth will be less painful and will leave a more natural look when you are done.
  • after plucking your eyebrows. you can use wet tea bags to soothe the skin around you eyebrows.
  • set your eyebrows in place, use a brown gel and comb it through your brows, upward and outward.
  • you can help enhance your delicate beauty by having well-groomed eyebrows.


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