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How To Make Your Dyed Black Hair Lighter

Updated on October 29, 2020
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I am a stay at home grandma, 3 grown kids, 9 grand babies, 2 puppies. They all are very excitable and enthusiastic. Luv the great Northwest.

My Dyed Hair Story

So you have recently dyed your hair black, do not like it and want it a lighter color! Well I am here to say that there is hope and from my recent discovery. There is a way this can be done as black hair color is the hardest color to cover and make it lighter. Here is my story of how I figured it out.

On Halloween I dressed up as a witch and I needed my hair black to play the part as well so I used a temporary hair spray paint color black, I also had a darker color of make up on at the time and I thought I looked nice and I liked it a lot so I immediately went out and bought some permanent black hair dye to dye my hair black and when I was done, I did not like the results at all, my very fair skin did not match my new black hair and I wanted my natural brown hair back and I needed to be back at work in a couple of days so I needed to work fast. I absolutely could not afford to go to a salon and pay a ton of money to get the color brown back so off I went to the local drugstore to get some brown hair dye. I went to the local Walgreen's actually and started looking at colors. There was not a lot of workers and nobody offered to help me so I was stuck trying to figure it out myself. I picked out a medium brown color as my natural color is medium brown and I wanted it as close as I could get it. I had to buy 2 boxes because the length of my hair was down to the bottom of my back and 2 boxes was just barely enough. I went home and dyed my hair with the 2 boxes and waited. after I rinsed and dried, the color was still pitch black, it had not changed at all. I was worried that maybe it did not have enough strength for it to work or I did not leave it in long enough so i went back to the store and bought 2 more boxes of medium brown hair dye, went home and tried it again. It still did not work at all, the black was still there. By this time I was worried and wanted to cry because my hair was still black and i was damaging my hair over and over again.

As I only had one more day before I had to be back at work, I had to work faster. This time I headed back to the store again to look at all the products more closely and I had found one that had a color booster in it and it was guaranteed to color the darkest of colors ,even black, I was excited and had a little bit of hope for my hair that it was going to work this time. This was a golden brown color and I got 2 more boxes to take home and try. Well it had worked a little alright. I dried my hair and I had about four different colors of hair with black still being the main color, I was devastated and by this time I had to be back at work the next morning and it was late so I had no choice but to go to work looking like I did but try to hide it the best I could.

So the next morning I went to work and a friend asked me what had happened to my hair, I told her the story and she suggested I try some "oops" hair color remover and it will work to remove the black.. So after my shift, I immediately bought 2 boxes of oops hair color remover and 2 more boxes of medium brown hair color dye because after you use the oops then your ready to re dye your hair as soon as you want. I was totally crying by this time but ready to start over with a new hope that it would work this time.

So I got home and applied the oops hair color remover in my hair to strip the black right out of my hair and when I rinsed, my hair came out a really bright orange, copper color and I was freaking out because I did not read the entire box and packaging of the oops remover so I sat down with all the information and read it completely and found out that this was supposed to happen and everything was fine. So now i was ready to dye my hair again with the 2 boxes of medium brown hair color and to my surprise, it did not work again, my hair was jet black again. "What have I done"? "What did I do wrong?" I had no idea but I could not keep doing this to my hair, "it would surely fall out at some point I thought." I love my long brown hair and this was killing me inside.

For some reason, I thought maybe I need to get a really light hair color dye instead of the medium brown color. So off to the store I went again and bought 2 more boxes of oops hair color remover and 2 more boxes of hair dye. I picked out a light brown hair dye. I did the color oops again and got bright orange hair again, then I applied the 2 boxes of light brown hair dye and started to wait and as I was waiting, it looked like my hair was starting to turn black again, I was freaking out so I hurried and rinsed my hair 15 minutes early. "oh my gosh," I had jumped the gun, it had came out still bright orange and some blond and green streaks in it.

So guess what i had done again? Yes, i went back to the store and bought 2 more boxes of light brown hair dye because I had rinsed it out early, then it would surely work if I kept it in for the full amount of time they recommended. By this time i was supporting the store financially, I could have gone straight to the salon and spent all that money right? This whole thing would drive anybody crazy as I was losing my mind.

So I brought my 2 more boxes of light brown hair dye back home and went through the process again and left the dye in the full time recommended. I waited, I rinsed and I dried. My hair was back to a medium brown color. I was very happy but my hair was not happy, it was very unhealthy and damaged. It would need some time to heal with special attention. It was so unhealthy like that for two months after that all happened ,every time I took a shower and washed my hair, I would get little hand fills of hair falling out but thankfully my hair is very long and very thick so it could stand all the damage I did to it, I did not know this at the time but I was merely hoping my hair would not fall out. Today my hair is done falling out and I still have plenty to go around, thank god!

So to get your hair from black to a lighter color, it is very simple, Don't dye your hair black. or follow these instructions. 1) apply the "oops" hair color remover. 2) apply the new hair color but be sure to buy a shade or 2 lighter than you want to get the color you desire. 3) make sure you follow the directions completely. and you should be good to go.

please be very careful before choosing to dye your hair as I know now that it can fall out and what your mama has been telling you about is true. Make sure it is really what you want to do, especially if you are thinking of dying it black.

me with black hair
me with black hair
me with bright orange hair after the oops hair color remover
me with bright orange hair after the oops hair color remover
me with brown hair after all is said and done
me with brown hair after all is said and done

Ugh, that was a nightmare, it is all better now. Lord knows I will never do that again.

Have you gotten yourself into this kind of mess?

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© 2012 Shelia Jacobson


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