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How to Style Your Hair With These 3 Easy Hairstyles

Updated on September 2, 2017

Double Dutchbraid Headband

all you need is: is 2 small elastics, few bobby pins, bandana or headband (optional)

  1. split your hair into two sections, start off dutch braiding your hair. tie those off with small elastics.
  2. crossing them over your head. take some bobby pins and pinning them down.
  3. (optional) wrap a bandana or headband around your hair giving a cute touch.
  4. pulling out some strands of your hair

Half Up Half Down Braid Space Buns

all you need is: a few bobby pins, headband (optional)

  • split your into two sections then
  • on the first section grab some hair from the ear to the top of your head. then
  • dutch braid it. and twist it making a bun, pin it with some bobby pins
  • on the second section do the same steps.
  • tie a bandana around or a headband (optional)


all you need is : a small elastic, headband or bandana (optional)

  • split your hair into two sections to the side.
  • cross a strand under to the first section then
  • cross a strand under to the second section
  • keep repeating then tie it off with a small elastic
  • for more a girly look tie a bandana or a headband

© 2017 liz


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