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How to update your wardrobe for Autumn / Winter 2011

Updated on September 4, 2011

How to update your wardrobe for Winter 2011

Winter 2011 will soon be on its way which means its time to get ready to review your Autumn / Winter wardrobe. Most fashion shops have finished their summer sales and are starting to fill their shopfloors with the new seasons stock.

The aim of the review is twofold, to identify any gaps you may have in your wardrobe as well as buy a few new items to update your wardrobe, to make it warm and stylish for the cooler months ahead.

The overall trend for the upcoming season is softness and femeninity, both in terms of styles and colours.The neutrals for Autumn / Winter 2011 have been reworked and are now softer and more feminine.

The traditional colours of Autumn are rich and earthy and Winters colour have a touch of cool iciness.

1. Start with basics in neutral colours

Start by making sure you have Autumn/Winter's basic items in your wardrobe, preferably in the traditional neutral colours of Autumn and Winter - black, camel, navy, charcoal grey.

For versatility and longevity, these items are best in neutral colours. Winter's key basic items include:

  • A Warm Winter Coat or Cape - A good quality wool winter coat should last at least 10 years. For versatility, buy this in a neutral colour.
  • Hats, Gloves and Scarves - Not only are these items practical, they are the easiest way to update your wardrobe. You can choose a new set every year to keep your wardrobe uptodate.
  • Long Leather Boots - suitable for wearing in snow

It is worth prioritising your wardrobe budget on a good coat and boots as not only are they essential items for a winter wardrobe, if you are out and about, they are usually the only items of clothing that most people see on you. Unless they see you indoors, when you have removed your coat, they are unlikey to see the clothes that you have on underneath.

  • Tops
  • Long sleeve tee shirts for layering.
  • Long sleeve medium weight knitwear such as cardigans and sweaters
  • Bottoms

    • Trousers in mid tone neutral greys, taupes and soft khakis.
    • Skirts in mid tone neutral greys, taupes and soft khakis.
    • Denim for jeans and skirts in either a dark inky navy or a softer mid-tone.
  • A soft leather everyday bag
  • Soft suede or leather boots.

These items form the back bone of your wardrobe and are what makes it work.

Next we will bring them upto date and make them interesting by adding colour and accessories in Winter 2011's new soft and femenine shades.

Step 2.

Now UPDATE YOUR WARDROBE by adding clothes and accessories in Fall / Autumn / Winter 2011's exciting and new textures, colours and prints.

Now we can start to add more excitement to these basics by adding accessories and other items of clothing in this seasons colours and prints.

  • Texture - Each season has its own traditional textures. those for the colder months include snuggly wool knitwear, tweeds and fur, either real or faux. There are a couple of new trend textures this season, velvet and lace. Lace can be used to update your look either by using it in small doses such as in hosiery, or on a larger scale in the form of an all over lace dress worn in the day time. Have fun adding textured pieces to your wardrobe to update your look.
  • Print - Each season has its own prints. Classic prints for Autumn / Winter include paisleys, tartans, herringbone weaves, jacquards. The trend prints for Autumn / Winter 2011 are abstract prints,
  • Colour - The colours for Autunm / Winter 2011 are soft and femenine. Camel for Coats and Capes is a popular colour choice, as is the new reworked neutral - Khaki.
  • Accessories - Jewelry, shoes, hosiery, handbags, hats, scarves, gloves.
  • The cheapest and easiest way to update your wardrobe for Winter 2011 is with accessories. If you can’t afford to buy new clothes at the beginning of the season, a new accessory, worn with your classic basics can bring your look bang up to date.
  • For Winter, classic accessories include wooly tights for cold winter days together with hats,scarves and gloves/ For winter thse all come in a variety of textures, styles and colours and are a fun ad cheapway to add interest to you wardrobe. A new handbag in an Autumn / Winters classic neutral will update your look, but to really add the wow factor, try it in a trend colour, but be aware it will quickly date.
  • For jewelry, there are classics such as gold or silver chains or ropes of pearls that can continue to be worn, but there are also trend pieces too. For Autumn / Winter 2011 the statement necklace continues to be a popular trend choice.

It is easy to update your wardrobe for Fall / Autumn / Winter 2011 when you know how.

Concentrate on maintaining and building your good quality basic pieces in neutral colours as over the years these will be the the work horses of your wardrobe.

Then have fun adding exciting new colours, prints, silhouettes and accessories.

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