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How to Wear Modest Clothing

Updated on April 25, 2015

Modest Clothing Can Be Difficult to Find

Today's fashions make it difficult to find modest clothing. Wearing modest clothing has many advantages. When you wear modest clothing, you can bend over, reach, work and move without worry. When I was in high school mini skirts became the fashion. Girls wore the shorter skirts but were always struggling to not reveal more than they wanted to. When they sat down, they were always tugging to make sure the skirt didn't ride up farther than they wanted. If they bent over, they were again tugging on their skirts. A few years ago the latest fashion was showing the midriff. The abdominal area shows a lot of problems if you are not the ideal weight or smaller or as you get older. Bulges and stretch marks are common in this area. Bending over could again reveal more than was desired. The latest fashion for women is revealing necklines. Necklines are wide, low and plunging. One friend said when she wears a neckline that is a little lower, she puts her hand over the neckline to hold it in place when she bends over. Yet on one occasion when we were putting away tables as she bent over to pick up the table more was revealed than I think she intended.

I personally want to be comfortable with the clothing I wear. I want to feel that I can move and work without worrying about what is being revealed. Although I feel that other people should not take advantage of someone because of the clothes they wear, yet I believe that I might be causing someone a problem with their thoughts if I wear revealing clothes. I also know I feel differently when I wear a lower neckline or something else revealing.

Over the years I have learned some things that help me dress more modestly. I felt perhaps sharing these ideas might be helpful to others too, so please read on if you want ideas to dress more modestly.

Layer Your Clothing

One way to make clothing modest and still wear the latest styles is to wear another layer of clothing beneath the revealing neckline or short skirt. Originally layering was a way to make clothing more modest. Unfortunately sometimes now you will find layering that barely makes the neckline higher maybe by half an inch or so. If you were to wear a scoop necked shirt that follows your collarbone under a plunging v neck shirt, you would have an attractive modest look. If a shirt is too short so that it reveals midriff, another shirt underneath can make it much more comfortable. A short or long sleeve shirt worn under a tank top can make it more comfortable to wear. A jacket or vest could be worn over the top of a sleeveless or spaghetti strap or strapless dress. One of my daughters borrowed a dress for her prom. It was strapless. She didn't want to wear it strapless, so we purchased a velvet jacket for her to wear over the top. We pinned the jacket to her slip and to the gown, and she had a modest prom dress to wear. Wearing pants under a skirt is another way to be more modest. My mother wore dresses all of her life, but when she rode a horse she slipped on a pair of pants beneath her skirt. It may not look as dressed up, but it is certainly more comfortable and more modest.

Ways to Fix a Neckline Problem

As a teenager my mother helped me fix a neckline that was too revealing. On a button up shirt that the top button was too low on, she would recommend a straight pin or a safety pin on the reverse side to pin the shirt up higher so it would be more comfortable. I began to collect costume jewelry pins and broaches, and I found them attractive when I used them to close the neckline up higher. My mother also recommended sewing a piece of lace in a v-neck that was too low. I have made lace triangles with ties that can be fastened to bra or slip straps under the revealing neckline. Recently I bought a roll of flash tape that can stick a piece of clothing to another piece of clothing or even to your own skin so that it won't reveal too much. I bought a dickie that fits under shirts or dresses and makes them more modest without adding a whole other shirt to your outfit.

If a skirt was too short, my mother would let out the hem. If there wasn't enough hem to let out then she would sew on a round of wide lace around the hem. Lace could also be sewn around the bottom of a shirt that is too short.

Vintage Clothing

Sometimes looking for vintage clothing may be the way to find modest clothing. You can shop for vintage clothing in online auctions, at consignment stores, or at second hand stores. Using second hand clothing that is in good condition is also good for the environment as it keeps usable clothing out of the landfill. Of course not all vintage clothing will be modest and one must be selective when shopping.

More Helpful Information for Dressing Modestly

While reading one article from this online magazine, I learned a lot of good points for dressing modestly. One that I have felt for a long time is often overlooking is looking at yourself in a mirror before you go out. With a full length mirror you can bend over or reach up and see what shows. If wearing a skirt, how short is the skirt when you bend over? If wearing a shirt and pants does reaching up or bending over show skin between the shirt and pants? A neckline may look fine when you are facing the mirror, but if you bend over to pick up something what can be seen? Reach out with your arm. Can you see anything down the sleeve that you don't want to show? Sometimes we'll wear something that we think is fine, but during the course of the day we find some uncomfortable and embarrassing things about the clothing. If we do a check in the mirror before going out, we might save that embarrassment. This magazine does have a lot of helpful information.

Men's Perspective on Bikinis

As a woman, do you want a man to think of you as a person who is in control of her own life, or do you want to be thought of as an object that a man can be in control of? This video explains what men think when they see a woman in a bikini. If you want to be more in control in your life, dress modestly. How you dress really does make a difference.

Full Length Skirts

A full length skirt can be a great way to dress modestly. Here are a few selections to browse through.

Stagecoach Story

When I heard the following story, I thought it applies to a lot of things in our lives. One thing I think it can help with is in dressing modestly.

There were two men trying for the job of stagecoach driver. The man hiring asked each of them the question, "If you were driving the stagecoach, how would you drive on a high mountain road cut into the side of the mountain?"

One man responded, "I'm such a good driver that I can drive along the edge of the cliff with half of wheel off the edge."

The other man responded, "I would drive as close to the side of the mountain and stay as far as possible from the edge of the cliff."

Which man got hired as the driver? Of course, the one, who avoided the risk and would do all he could to keep his passengers and the stagecoach safe, got the job.

Wearing clothing that isn't revealing is smarter than wearing something that always has to be adjusted or tugged on or held in place. Wearing modest clothing is much more comfortable for you and for those around you.

Videos About Dressing Modestly

These videos share more reasons and ways to dress modestly. Here is more help in dressing modestly.

Sew Your Own Clothes to Make Them Modest

One other option for having modest clothing is to learn to sew. When you sew, you can modify the pattern to make the neckline higher, the skirt longer, add in sleeves and other modifications to make it modest. You can select a modest pattern to begin with and then make variations to it. With sewing skills you may be able to modify off-the-rack clothes to be modest. Learning to sew can be a valuable skill that will enable you to wear what you would want to wear.

Confusion about Modesty

I came across this letter written by a young man regarding an article on modesty he had just read. His question was why is there so much confusion about modesty. I have to agree with him. I also feel the reason why someone is wearing certain clothes indicates whether they are being modest or not. I think most women who are wearing bikinis or plunging necklines or short shorts or skirts are seeking attention. They are not dressed for comfort.

What Motivates Your Decisions in Clothing?

What is most important to you in how you dress?

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More on Beauty in Today's World

Today's world portrays an unrealistic beauty. Photos on magazine covers are photoshopped to the point that no woman will ever look that good. People are imperfect. Photoshopping can take away the imperfections, but they are not reality. We are led to believe that a perfect body is achievable and desirable, and we are led to believe that what we look like is more important than what we do or say and who we are. A modest woman is putting the emphasis on who she is, not on what she looks like. Many relationships and marriages are affected by the belief that there is always someone more beautiful and more perfect out there. The reality is there are no perfect people. Everyone has imperfections. Learning to love and genuinely care about someone else is the key to a good relationship, not finding the perfect person. If we want happy lives, we must learn to truly love others despite their imperfections. Choosing to be modest ourselves is one way we can help the perceptions in the world today.


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