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You and the Way You Walk

Updated on January 9, 2023

Do you believe that the length of your steps, the movement of your arms and the swing of your hips could mean something? or a whole lot?

Each of us is different and there's nothing wrong with being masculine, androgynous, or walking in the best manner one finds it comfortable. Some women even suffer from conditions that alter their ability to walk beautifully, normally, and even pain-free. This is not shallow.

Do you want to know how you walk? Let's see.

Do You Walk on Eggs?

Walking on eggs have teetering tsteps and is often a sign of timidity, meaning, you are unsure of your steps.

When wearing high heels and you walk tiptoeing, this shows that your feet cannot live up to the height of your shoes. This look has your chin leading and knees that are uncertain. The danger here is that wobbly ankles and pinched toes can throw you off balance.

The Solution

Pick up a pair of heels that are fairly comfortable and wander around the house until your feet can stand firmly without wobbling. Practice gliding through the foot with a gentle heel, ball, toe step instead of stomping down with the whole foot at once. This big dancer trick will strengthen your knees as well and save them from injuries.

Are You a Shoe-Shuffer?

The shoe-shuffer drags the feet looking tired and dreary. It's like a sad person walking hunched over with head down. With slower and shorter steps, the foot is lifted less off the ground, dragging it. Most guys would take a woman who drags her feet as being less interested with those around her.

The Solution

If you're the shoe-shuffer, holding your body straight as you walk helps prevent dragging of of the feet. It helps a lot to practice a straight back posture most of the time. The enthusiasm of a good posture will put new spring in the steps which also puts more energy in the way you walk.

The Swagger

This one is an an arrogantly self-confident way of walking.

The swagger usually fills up space when walking which involves the use of elbows, shoulders and the whole body. It walks with the torso and shoulders very relaxed and with arms just moving freely. In general, to walk the swagger way is to move with confidence and sophistication in a way that would automatically earn respect. In short, you're walking like, you are in charge.


The Meander


Like a meander who wander without aim on a winding course, you walk slowly without any direction.

The purely coincidental photograph above captures the contrast between a young energetic woman in outrageous boots walking in big, bold steps and an old men moving slowly in the background.

Some claim that a woman who walks like a meander can run over a guy's heart. The reason could be about her being a mind wanderer who likes to walk around like they own the place, or they want to feel more confident and self-assured.

She don’t just meander, she probably has to walk quickly and with purpose. However, a big part of being one could mean moving briskly with knees high and a determined look on the face. This rigid posture will make you appear more manly than feminine.


Do You Walk with a Wiggle?

This is the most feminine walk. Most women focus weight into the hips allowing them to walk with a subtle hip swing.

This walk demonstrates being different from how men walk. Men's bums wiggle normally, but still they walk a lot different from women's. Most women tend to exaggerate walking with a wiggle, yet the artful movement comes off so lady-like, and the smaller silhouette that comes from how the elbows move, is very feminine.

Sometimes this is associated with the hip thrower, or some of those backsides with so much lateral motion that they really catch the eye. If it bounces up and down, then you’re a hip thrower and you may be sure your hips look far bigger than they are. Give more swing to your legs when you walk, and hold your hips in line.

How to Walk with Elegance

Beauty in flats... all day?
Beauty in flats... all day?
  • Heels or flats, take smaller steps. This way, and regardless of how fast or slow you want to walk, you acquire an evenly spaced stride with rhythm and momentum. You don't only walk smoothly, you are sure the lurch will not throw you off balance.
  • Standing tall, head up, shoulders back, breasts high, tummy muscles pulled in and up, tail tucked under, prepares you to walk correctly and gracefully.
  • Walk from the waistline down and keep your knees naturally flexed as you walk with the legs moving forward from the waistline and the upper body just gliding along. This completes a natural, elegant movement.
  • Keep your chin up. The Harvard Medical School recommends your eyes should look 10 to 20 feet ahead of you, not down at the ground, when walking.
  • Walk through the foot with a gentle heel, ball, toe step, never with the whole foot at once. Your gait changes in heels, so be prepared for some discomfort while you adjust to the heels.

Good balance is yours if you can do this:

With eyes closed, hold arms out to sides at shoulder level. Stand on left foot with right knee bent and raised as high as possible. Keep your balance for at least 10 seconds without moving the left foot.

Do you wear flats all day?

Then switch to spiky heels in the evening, or vise-versa. To straighten instep arches and ankles, stand with hands on hips, legs and feet together. Place left foot forward in a long stride, bend knee as far as possible and return to starting position. Alternate legs and repeat.

To be beautiful may be nice, funny, daunting, crazy or impossible, but all these goes back to one thing - beauty itself renders its own abc's.


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