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Five Do-It-Yourself Be Blemish Free Homemade Fruit Facial Peels Masks

Updated on November 18, 2020
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.

No one wants to wake up to look beyond their years, yet as we age, our skin loosens, it forces sagging, which can contribute to deep lines and wrinkles. Therefore, it’s best to use what will make you feel the most confident in keeping your skin youthful and radiant.

The skincare products available in the store today are arranging from impossibly expensive to ineffective. If you want to keep your skin youthful and luminous, why not use a simple homemade product that works better than store-bought merchandise for a fraction of the price and a minimal effort on your part?

Whereas you might be tight on cash, and you might feel you can’t afford to get a facial. But, you can still give your skin a do-it-yourself at home fruit facial peel. Something that will give your skin the looks it deserves so it will look healthy and rejuvenated.

A do-it-yourself at home fruit facial peel will give your skin a younger look with more glow. A more in-depth fruit facial peel will improve the look of your skin, and it can refresh the skin, remove dry and dead skin cells, improve mild skin discoloration from sun damage, and prevent photoaging. And by ridding the dry skin, it helps in preventing blackheads, remove wrinkles, fine lines, pimples, scars, and, avert age spots, pigmentation, and freckles blemish.

We’ve all heard of the saying, “You are only young once, and if you take excellent care of yourself, live healthily, the likelihood is once is enough.” It is best to pamper yourself with the cost-effective and natural fruit facials that offer the best fruit facial skincare solution.

Here are five of the best fruit facial skincare solutions that are quick and easy that will give you healthy and glowing skin.

These homemade facials contain antioxidants and alpha-hydroxy acids that protect the skin from damage, and they are used to improve the appearance or feel of the skin to give it a fresh feeling of softness. The necessary ingredients are products that you can easily find in a grocery store or items in your home.

1. A Tomato Facial Peel:

The healthiest treatment for dry and damaged skin


  • One ripe tomato
  • One lime
  • Preparation

Wash the tomato and cut it into small pieces. Blend until smooth. Squeeze the juice from the lime into the tomato mixture and mix well. Make sure your face is cleaned correctly, then rub the tomato mixture onto the face with a thin layer and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Rinse your face well until clean and dry with a cotton cloth. Finally, apply your favorite moisturizer.

Special Instructions: If performing during the day, take care to use this tomato facial peel when you do not intend to go directly out into the sun for some time. For a while after application, the skin on the face will be susceptible. However, if you do need to go out in the sun, be sure to use a high SPF sunscreen.

2. Cucumber peel: If you have very dry skin and desire silky-smooth beautiful skin, you are in need of a cucumber peel. It will give you radiant, glowing skin that ensures it feels soft as you gently peel away all dirt or germs that can cause the surface to be rough and dull.

Great for vitamins like B2, C, and E and for avoiding or treating wrinkles


  • One cucumber
  • One green tea bag
  • One tbsp yogurt
  • One box of unflavored gelatin
  • One oz. Aloe Vera gel


Wash the cucumber, peel it, remove the seeds, and blend it into mush. Strain and preserve the juice. Simmer the gelatin until it melts. After the gelatin dissolves, mix it with the mush cucumber and the Aloe Vera gel. After mixing, allow it to cool for about 20 minutes or until it thickens. When it cools, apply the mixture directly to your face and leave it for approximately 20 minutes. Finally, obliterate the peel with warm water.

3. Gentle Fruit Peel: If you are in search of an excellent facial product that is great for all skin types, you are in need of a gentle fruit peel. It is excellent for moisturizing dry, or flaky skin. Very few facial products you buy in the skincare store will remove the dead skin cells, oil, and dirt from the surface of the skin, clearing out the pores, and moisturize the face like a good fruit peel.

Excellent for moisturizing dry, flaky skin


  • One cup fresh pineapple
  • One-half cup fresh papaya
  • One tablespoon honey
  • One-half cup non-fat Greek yogurt


Blend the pineapple and the papaya until it becomes a smooth paste (if the mixture becomes liquid-like, it has been mixed too much). Add the honey and yogurt, and mix well. Once the fruit peel is prepared, apply it evenly to your face, chin, and neck. As you apply it to your skin, take care to avoid the eyes. Leave it for approximately 10 minutes to sit, and then use warm water to remove the mixture. Finally, dry your face and neck with a cotton cloth and apply your moisturizer of choice. The natural enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids from the fruits will remove any dead skin cells, and the honey will moisturize the skin.

4. Orange Facial Peel: If you are in search of a way to develop younger-looking, healthy skin, the orange facial peel is the way to go. It is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidantsis loaded with exactly what you need to keep your skin glowing and healthy. The simple and easy mask created from the orange peel has a deep skin cleanser and clean facial pores.


  • Water
  • Orange peels
  • Mandarin Juice
  • Yogurt, Organic


First, dry the orange peels for one to two days. Once they dry, crush the peeling into powder. Mix the powdered peel with water and stir until it thickens. Blend one tablespoon of orange peel powder mixture with two tablespoons of yogurt. Add two to three drops of mandarin juice and mix well. Apply evenly to both face and neck once combined thoroughly and leave the mixture to sit on your skin for 20 minutes. Then remove it with warm water. Dry your skin with a cotton cloth and apply the moisturizer of choice.

5. Mango Fruit Peel: If you are in search of something that works miracles for the skin, you are in need of a Mango Fruit Peel. It anti-cancer antioxidants and is rich in vitamin A, and C. Mango Fruit Peels fits all skin types. It lightens the skin, reduces the blemishes and produces premature aging to make the skin smooth and soft.


  • Two grated tbsp. Mango
  • Two grated tbsp. Papaya
  • Two tbsp. Water


Mix the mango, papaya, and water together so that they form a paste (do not blend or mix until they become juice). Once it is complete, apply the mixture directly to your face. Leave this to sit on your skin for 20 or so minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry off with a cotton cloth and apply your favorite moisturizer.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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