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Interpersonal attraction

Updated on June 3, 2011

Interpersonal attraction is the, attraction between human beings. This is the main reason which leads to romantic relationships & friendships. There are mainly five things which play key role in Interpersonal attraction. They are Physical attractiveness, Proximity, Competence, Mutual attraction & Beliefs.

Physical attractiveness


Physical attractiveness is the initial & most powerful source for Inter personnel attraction, but not the only factor. That’s why people say, First impression is the last impression. Physical attractiveness mainly depends on the person’s Height, Body structure, Skin colour, Hair style etc. The way the person dress & Make up are other contributing factors to Physical attractiveness. In real circumstances the actors & models are not so handsome/ beautiful as you see them in movies & TVs.



Proximity is that people are attracted to people who are geographically close to each other. For a person who is living in USA cannot be attracted to a person living in China unless he/she meets him. Most of the time people choose friends & partners from their surrounding Society. Even if you are far away from your friends & partner for a long time your attraction fades away



Competence is how powerful a person is. This may be from the person’s education side, place in society, how rich he/she is & his abilities. Actors, Politicians, Scientists, Singers, Musicians & Industrialists are more attracted among people, more than any other people in the society. Educated people are attracted by most of the people in the society & they are most of the time considered as Gentlemen. If you take actors they are very much attracted among the people, than any other people in the Society. There are lot of actors who turned into politicians. Ronald Regan, Arnold Schwarzenegger from USA,Lech Aleksander Kaczyński from Poland, M.G.Ramachandran, Jayalalithaa Jeyaram from India are some of the notable ones. If you have been in Latin America they always talk about Macho man. The real meaning of Macho man is the man who is virile and sexually active.But nowadays the drug dealers & underworld dons are considered as Macho man because they have money & power. Singers, Musicians, & Athletes are highly attracted too. Since their list is huge I don’t think this is a suitable place to mention them individually. Industrialists & rich people also well attracted. Some times over competent people are not attracted because others feel inferior to them.

Mutual attraction


Mutual attraction is also a factor governing the interpersonal attraction. But this is not an instant factor. It comes along while you move with that person you may be attracted by his qualities. For example if you happen to be in a tragic incident he/she helped you during that time, you will always have a soft corner for that particular person. Mutual attraction leads to long term relationships.



Beliefs which are similar also lead to interpersonal attraction. Martin Luther married Katharina Luther since they had same belief also they had Mutual attraction since they had worked together.

The above mentioned factors are the main factors which are governing the interpersonal attraction.


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