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Permanent IPL Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal in Singapore

Updated on June 23, 2012
Yul Brynner - Legendary Bald Actor
Yul Brynner - Legendary Bald Actor

Hair Removal in Singapore

A topic like hair removal in Singapore, seems to surface once in while, during a conversation. Sometimes I am caught as the only man with my wife joining the ladies in the conversation. It is interesting to talk and think about hair removal not only among women but also men. Generally speaking, and from conversations I have caught, women here seems concerned with hair growth in the underarm, face, legs and hands. The aesthetic clinics or skin clinic in Singapore are leveraging on this concern and providing hair removal treatments for ladies, like IPL Hair Removal.

Hair can create a dilemma. Some wish they have more hair to enhance their image. There are those who think their hair is a problem to their image, and will find ways and means to have a permanent hair removal done.

When God created us, He must have created us with hair for a definite purpose. To the women, it is their crown of glory if it is hair on the head. However, hair found at the wrong places will annoy some women folks, and they will seek help for permanent hair reduction. To men, some prefer baldness and some prefer to have long hair. To the Bible character Samson, there was exceptional strength present when he had his long hair. Weakness came about when his hair was snipped off. The late Yul Brynner will always be remembered for his good looks even when he is bald. I wonder during those days, what permanent hair reduction method was used to create such a smooth and beautiful hairless head.

Removal of Underarm Hair
Removal of Underarm Hair
Hair Removal, Smooth Legs
Hair Removal, Smooth Legs

Reasons for Permanent Hair Removal

What are some reasons for people to remove hair from their face or body? Some do it for religious purpose. Some have made a vow before their deities and when their wishes are granted, they shave themselves bald. However, this can be for a temporary duration only.

Quite a high percentage permanently remove facial and body hair for aesthetic reasons. Example, for beauty reason women folks prefer to permanently remove hair from the arms, legs, underarm, and faces. It seems that there is an understanding that it is not lady-like to have hair in those areas. Looking at the images above, most of us will agree that with aesthetic treatment done to remove hair from body and face, will bring about the attractiveness of a woman.

There are some who do it for medical reasons, which doctors will recommend. Odor from the underarm can be eliminated or reduced when the underarm hair is removed. Hair is sometimes removed to allow a surgical procedure or healing process to take place.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Unwanted Body and Facial Hair

These are some areas where removal of hair are done.

  • Face - Eyebrow, Moustache
  • Armpit or underarm
  • Legs and hands
  • Pubic
  • Abdominal
  • Chest

Hair Removal Treatments

In Singapore, permanent hair removal seems to be popular among women. One can try a few methods. Waxing is one method which can be done personally at home. There is also the IPL Hair Removal in Singapore seems to be a popular treatment among the aesthetic clinics. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses high energy lamp to aid this process. Laser Hair Removal with the help of laser. Diode Epilation using high energy diodes. These come under the scope of Photoepilation. Under Electroepilation are treatments using electrolysis and themolysis.

Methods which work temporarily includes the use of tweezers to pluck out hair from the body. One other common method which can also be done at home is waxing, brazilian waxing, etc...

IPL Hair Removal Machine

IPL Hair Removal and Laser Hair Removal

Comparing between IPL and Laser, their effectiveness is much debated. Generally the result is close to equivalent. IPL Hair Removal treatment has growing pouplarity in Singapore too. It is considered to be a cheaper and faster mode of treatment. With very short duration of pulses of light, minor discomfort will be felt, minor damage to non-target tissues. Irritation that is quite similar to a minor sunburn may be experienced and in some cases blistering may occur. It is best to confirm this with the clinic treating you. Which hair removal treatment best suits you, really depends on the region you want hair to be removed, and sometimes gender does play a part also. It is interesting to know that male hair are generally thicker than female. Not only for hair alone, such treatments can be used for tattoo removal too.

Hair Removal Side Effects

It is always best to check with friends who have done certian treatments before to determine whether it is suitable for you. It is always good also to let you doctor or the aesthetic professional understand your requirements and medical history before embarking on any aesthetic treatment. I would think that if chemicals are involved, some chemicals or lotions used may cause allergy or side effects.

Hair Removal Products

There are so many products in the market which allow one to remove hair on your own in the comfort of your home. What is mentioned below is just a handful of the many many products available in the market.  Search for "Hair Removal Products" and you will see them all.

  • Hair inhibitor - stops hair growth in delicate areas
  • Hair removal cream - depilatory, fast, easy and painless
  • Hair retardant gel
  • Eyebrow razor
  • Cream wax

Body and Facial Hair Removal

Is it really advisable for woman to have body and facial hair removed?

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