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Why You Should Use Iron Spray with your Hair Straightener

Updated on September 28, 2017

There are boundless colors, textures or styling of hairs but there would be hardly found a single person who would mind having a silky, shiny and straight hair. As the appearance of our hair plays a key role in determining our look and personality we all wish to have a better looking and well shaped hair styling which is why we take help from a hair straightening iron to give our hair a straight, shiny and silky look. But, there are things we need to aware of before we use an iron. To save our hair from all those negative impacts of using a straightening iron, an iron spray can extend its helping hand and let us use it again and again as we all never like to compromise with our look.

A flat straightening iron in one way can make your hair look silky and smoother but the other way it can also damage your hair as extremely high heat can frizz or burn the hair. It can also result into the permanent damage of your hair. To protect the hair from being burned out, using of iron spray might be a great help to those who want to straighten their hair for a better and lively appearance. A good iron spray not only moisturizes the hair but also maintains the shiny look of the hair.The followings are the key factors for which you should always use Iron spray prior to using a hair straightening iron:

Protection against thermal damage:

The iron spray will protect the hair against the heat produced from the straightening iron that is why it is highly recommended to use the spray throughout the hot iron process as the thermal shield complex formula stays active and save the hair from heat damage section by section during the styling.

Conditions and improves strength:

Iron spray acts like the conditioner and ensures the natural liveliness while improving the strength of your hair.

Shiny effects:

A use of iron spray will add a shiny effect to your hair and get it even smoother to enhance the beauty of your hair.

Prevent hair damage and split ends:

Ceramic heaters like straightening iron always produce negative ion in the presence of the iron spray. While the heat get the damaged hair positively charged and cause hair follicles open, dried or even brittle, the negative ions neutralize the positive charge and prevent hair damage while maintaining a remedial effect on the split ends of your hair which might give you an unpleasant feeling with the unhealthy look of your hair ends.

Seals cuticle to protect hair color and adds shine:

The iron spray will help the cuticles of your hair to protect the natural color against the ironing effect of losing the color of your hair. Used evenly in every portion of your hair will leave an added shiny look after having ironed in the straightening process.

Along with all these there are other features that make the product a must use thing in the process of straightening your hair using an iron:

  • a. The spray is designed to be used all through the ironing process to ensure the best output of your hair styling as heat protection is vital in maintaining the healthy look of your hair.
  • b. The unique thermal heat complex is designed to resist heat up to 450 degree Fahrenheit.
  • c. The spray contains a vitamin blend of A, B, H, E and F , all required for the liveliness of the hair.
  • d. Ingredients like chestnut extract and calcium helps your hair get stronger with a well furnished natural look.
  • e. The smoother and silky texture of the hair as a result of the spray will let you take the absolute control in styling your hair while you enjoy a long lasting straight result.
  • f. The spray will help the hair prevent moisture loss and allow an impeccable straightening effect resulting in an illuminating natural shine of your hair.

Ingredients like Phenyl Trimethicone along with the compound of Isohexadodecane, dimethicone, Triisostearyl Citrate and Bis-Vinyl Dimethicone/Dimethicone Copolymerv Isoeicosane have all the natural healing power to protect your hair against damages caused either by the excessive heat or by the dirt or sebum from your hair. So you have to make sure that you use an iron spray whenever you seek to better your styling using a straightening iron.



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