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Halloween Costume Ideas - James Bond Fancy Dress

Updated on October 26, 2011

If you’re thinking about James Bond fancy dress, then you’ve come to the right place. From 007 himself, to Goldfinger fancy dress and more – there’s a range of casino fancy dress ideas that will help you put together a James Bond themed costume party.

Don't miss out on one of the hottest and best costume themes to hit the party circuit since Bond first appeared on our screens.

You can be cool, suave, heroic or downright menacing, with any one of a range of Bond costume ideas.

Bond didn't just save the virtual world on-screen, rescue damsels in distress or fight the good fight without leaving his mark on the real world.

Look hot, look hip - be cool ... show the world you know how to have a great time, dressed up as the unflappable, incorrigible, world class super spy - James Bond.

James Bond Fancy Dress


A James Bond fancy dress costume is a great way to become a suave, sophisticated undercover world class spy - for one night only.

Full adult costumes in this theme are hard to find but with a little imagination, you can easily create the perfect look. You can even adopt the look for boys fancy dress - no one ever said that being small means you can't pretend to be a scary villain!

Luckily, when it comes to Bond costume ideas, you’re going to be spoiled for choice. You can turn up as the suave, ultra-slick 007 spy, sporting a sharp suit and tie. Alternatively, a tux and bow tie.

The 'Casino' look.

007 Fancy Dress

James Bond Fashion

Due to the nature of the character, there's a wide range of James Bond fashion ideas to choose from. You could dress as he did in Dr No. which produced a couple of alternative yet well known James Bond costumes:

  • scuba diver suit – if you’re not going to over heat, wear the full costume, alternatively, just the scuba mask, flippers and swimming trunks
  • 60’s drainpipe trousers, in a soft blue, and a matching roll neck, velour type tee

Regarding suits, you've a couple of choices – the one on the right would make a great Bond costume, with a few little extra details..

Alternatively, borrow one, hunt through rummage and yard sales, second hand stores and similar.

If need be, hire a suit but find the cheapest clothes hire store that you can. No need to go mad.

Bond Costume Ideas

Quantum Of Solace Fancy Dress

When it comes to James Bond costume ideas, don't forget ... Bond didn’t do flares – only well cut, tailored suits. And don’t forget the little details – the sunglasses, the cufflinks, the watch and white handkerchief.

Slick back your hair, or try looking for a Bond face mask to complete the casino look.

If you’re packing ... you know, bodily, you could always be really daring and turn up in a pair of light blue swimming shorts, with a black waist band, al à Daniel Craig as he walked out of the sea.

But that’s only if you’re really confident!

James Bond Villain Fancy Dress

Click thumbnail to view full-size

There are quite a few notable James Bond villain fancy dress ideas, and any one gives a great Bond costume idea:

  • Jaws fancy dress – black pants, white half open shirt, hunt around for the teeth – there’s sure to be a fancy dress accessory shop that stocks them – and a pair of brown braces
  • Blofeld – a light, crème colored button neck suit, a bald head (don’t shave yours, use a swimming cap or a joke bald head accessory!), a fake vertical scar on the right eye, and don’t forget the white cat!
  • Goldfinger fancy dress – you’ll need a gold colored (or near gold), elbow length jacket and matching trousers. A definite tan – and a white short sleeved shirt underneath. Not an easy one to replicate but a little imagination will go a long way. And don’t forget the gold watch
  • Oddjob fancy dress – a black bowler hat, black three-piece suite and white shirt with button down collar. A thin black tie will complete the ensemble

James Bond Characters


Here are other James Bond characters that you could adopt – more so if there’s a group of three or four of you:

  • You could dress us as M – not hard, a grey suite, white shirt and a pipe
  • What about Q? A beige suit, white tie and a little of the mad professor look. Or simply wear black pants, a lab coat and fashion some kind of plastic covered i.d. clip for the breast pocket – and add a pen or two
  • Miss Moneypenny – no need to be sexist, a guy can dress up just as well. A nice, slim fit, knee length pencil skirt, black or navy. A crisp whit blouse and some sixties hair. If it’s long, a French pleat, if mid length, a back combed bob. If you’re a guy – a wig!

James Bond Fancy Dress Ideas

Want some more James Bond fancy dress ideas? Hows about one or two of the following:

  • Pussy Galore – a tight, figure hugging black suit, preferably velvet or a similar material, and a blond bob wig
  • Honey Ryder – be daring! An off white bikini, white combat type belt and a (fake!) knife/ sheath, long blond wig
  • Jinx – again, more daring required! Still, if you’ve got the body and the confidence, go for it. All you’ll need a great tan (or a fake one), an orange bikini and a short, dark haired wig

There are other, less notable characters that you can copy but the above are among those best remembered.

Which ever James Bond fancy dress costume you decide to wear, have fun and remember – for one night only, you’re double oh seven ... licensed to play out!


Bond Girls

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    • profile image

      Pure Costumes 4 years ago from South El Monte

      Very nice

    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      Awesome Dress!

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      kimberlyslyrics 7 years ago




    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 8 years ago

      drbj - there is only one James Bond - Sean Connery :) As for a James Bond themed party, I'd love to have one, I bet it'd be a great night. And may just maybe Bond himself would turn up!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 8 years ago from south Florida

      Sean Connery was created to play James Bond in the movies and Daniel Craig, although energetic and muscled, he just ain't James Bond. Poor Daniel suffers by comparison to Sean.

      The theme though, as you describe it, sounds like fun for a costume party. Just beware of those Odd Job wannabees with their razor-edged bowlers.