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Just for Men

Updated on January 17, 2017

13 Tips For Men

This article gives away some few tips for men on how to improve their personal grooming.

Sometimes we fail because we fail to package ourselves. The first impression people have about us cannot be given a second chance.

Remember people see what we wear and hear what we say. Our society is programmed to respond visually. You will never respond to a mechanic who is dressed up in a three piece suit because you'll have a low confidence in him. You'll expect him to get dressed in a mechanic uniform looking oily.

We express our moods and philosophy through our dress. Whether we want to be casual or formal, we are telling people what our energy level is by the way we dress. Sometimes we can tell what a man is thinking by what is on his body if he was to make a business impression or jog. Our dressing affects our attitude.

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Personal Grooming

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Some women end their relationship with the opposite sex because such men had bad taste and breathe coupled with poor dressing. If you are a man, it is imperative that you make a unique brand and name for yourself. Always put up your best physical appearance in order to get the necessary respect from the society.

Here is how to look good without being extravagant.

Bathe regularly, and if you sweat a lot, twice everyday.

Brush your teeth after each meal and regularly to combat mouth odour. Use mouth wash.

Shampo your hair every other day. Get yourself a haircut at least twice monthly. Bushy hair gives you a terrible look.

Decide to use a good deodorant. Find a cologne that suits your own body chemistry.

Get rid of those 'maps' (sweat rings) beneath your armpits by

using deodorants and by shaving your armpits.

Keep your nails trimmed and clean. Try pedicure and medicure. No lady fancies a man with nails like dracula's.

What women notice about a man they first meet is the nails and shoes.

Keep your shoes polished and shiny at all times.

Some women can tell much about a man from the types of shoes he is wearing.

You can wear $5,000 suit but if your shoes are not shiny, they'll think that you are sloppy.

Use a small hand mirror to check the back of your head.

Check it out every time. Get rid of pimples, blackheads or eczema with medicated soap and or cream.

Keep your socks clean.

Get rid of those bumps on your chin and jaw line by using shaving powder/cream instead of razor blade.

Shave everyday and when necessary. Purchase electric shavers. Remenber to always do your shaving at home and not in the car.Shave that beard or keep it trim and neat.

Quit wearing tight trousers that show off white socks! Always dress to fit your profession. How you project yourself is important.

Keep your collars and cuffs clean at all times.

Invest in Clothes

Wear clothes that match at all times. Invest more in good clothes. I encourage young men to look up carefully for special sales and high quality clothes in men's shop. If your finances do not permit, at least take care of the clothes you have.

Look neat and clean.

Invest in a tie bar to hang your ties and belts on inside a closet.

Invest also in shoe tree. It is worth a price.

Colours do make sense in the choice of your clothes. Wear clothes that match. It is a good practise to keep all your closets clean.

All your white shirts together and your blue shirts together etc.

Always keep your clothes unwrinkled by hanging them up after you wear them. Hanging your clothes up is a good success habit.

Wear clothes that fit perfectly well if you are overweight.

Your Life is a Statement

Do not copy other people. Leave them alone. Accept your own individuality.

Do you have a weight problem. Your weight is more important than your pride. If you have a bad habit of overeating at night or anytime, you can break it. It is not that difficult. GOD can help you. Get hold of this area of your life.

Walking everyday is good. Don't justify your lack of exercise by your lack of time.

Get involved with you health. Make a commitment to it. Surround yourself with people that want to be healthy and successful.


No one can change the direction of your life but you only.

Set up some goals and schedules. Get something going and help

yourself. You have to learn how to project yourself on a good level to people.


Poor Dr. Thredbaire of Doldrums seminary was awakened at

2.00 a.m by a burglar in his bedroom. The burglar drew a pistol and snarled,

''Don't move or I'll kill you. I am only hunting for your money.''

Dr. Thredbaire replied, ''Well just let me get up and light the candle. Then I can help you hunt.''


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