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Ladybug Jewelry

Updated on August 30, 2011

Lucky Ladybugs

Here's a great selection of ladybug jewelry catering to both adults and children. Looking for a lucky charm or a girlie gift? These gorgeous pieces of ladybug jewelry are ideal! Below you will find a varied selection of ladybug necklaces and pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, and body jewelry.

These pieces of ladybug jewelry come in a range of metals, there are pieces of yellow, white and rose gold and sterling silver. There is also a choice of ladybug colors, not all are red and black. Some pieces are in keeping with the metal they were made in and some are enameled, for something a little different there are gorgeous pink and blue ladybug pieces.

Ladybug Necklaces and Pendants

Ladybugs are cute, they are also considered to be very lucky, but why? The exact origin of why ladybugs signify luck isn't known for sure, but it's highly likely that it is due to the fact that they are useful little creatures who eat aphids and other bugs that destroy crops.

Farmers who tended to the land way back when no doubt considered ladybugs to be vey lucky indeed, they were after all saving food from being destroyed and helping to create good harvests. Ladybugs weren't just helping out the farmers, they were also helping to feed populations, a bad harvest meant lack of food, but the ladybugs helped out on the nasty bug front! With food being so vital to daily living it's no wonder that these lovely little ladybugs were considered to be lucky, and still are!

To the right is a really varied selection of ladybug necklaces and pendants to choose from. This is such a cute and fun jewelry style and best of all it's ageless. It doesn't matter if you are a little girl or a mature woman, all females can wear ladybug jewelry in a style that suits them.

Another great thing about ladybug jewelry is that it's different and it makes a great gift. If you are looking for a gift idea for someone who needs a pick me up, ladybug jewelry is a great way to make someone smile. The image of the ladybug is such a bright, cheerful one, it's hard not to look at a ladybug image and not smile.

Ladybug jewelry comes in two types, there's elegant and then there's cute. The elegant pieces I would say are the ones that are mainly metal colored ones, the cute, the enameled brightly colored ones.

Ladybug Earrings

Here's yet another very varied selection, these earrings come in various styles. To the right and below there are post, hoop, drop and leverback ladybug earrings, all equally cute and adorable!

There's something almost magically uplifting about the ladybug image, such a joyous little creature. Ladybug jewelry would make a great gift for a lady who enjoys gardening, as she would know full well just how lucky ladybugs are to flowers and plants!

Ladybug jewelry is a super cute look for little girls and the choices of post earrings to the right and below would be perfect for newly pierced ears.

A ladybug jewelry collection would be a lovely thing to own. It also makes gift buying a lot easier if you know that a person collects certain things. The gift of ladybug jewelry on birthdays and Christmas would not only take the heat off of knowing what to buy, but just imagine what a amazing collection of pieces a person could own. If someone is making the effort of sourcing you pieces of ladybug jewelry for a collection on special occasions, that's lucky for sure!

Ladybug Bracelets

Here are yet more great ladybug jewelry gift ideas perfect for a wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, friend, basically any female who likes lucky ladybugs!

Ladybug jewelry isn't just cute, it can also be an alternative and contemporary look depending on which pieces you go for.

The beauty of ladybug jewelry is that it can be traditional in appearance, or totally modern and funky. This is why it's so suitable for all ages, there is a piece to suit all tastes.

Ladybug bracelets are especially pretty and there are so many styles to choose from.

This is a really feminine look that can be worn dressy or casual and there are so many different styles, the ladybug jewelry look is a really varied one.

You may be someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends or someone who likes to create their own personal style without being influenced by trends. The great thing about ladybug jewelry is that there is a piece for everyone whether you are into jewelry fashions or not.

Ladybug Rings

These ladybug rings are somewhat more contemporary than lots of the other pieces listed. These are bold items that can easily be worn on the thumb or index finger for a different look.

Ladybug jewelry is great for all budgets, make excellents gifts and represent luck, what a great excuse to invest in a beautiful piece of ladybug jewelry!

Ladybug Body Jewelry

You couldn't get much more of a varied selection of ladybug jewelry than the items listed on this page!

Here's a selection of body jewelry for belly piercings, toes and ankles!

Ladybug jewelry is truly for everyone of all ages, it's a great look that can be elegant and tradtional or modern and funky. There's a piece of ladybug jewelry to suit all.


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