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Ladybug makeup face painting perfect for Halloween

Updated on September 17, 2013

Add Ladybug face painting to your outdoor fun activities

Why not add ladybug face painting to your plans for Halloween or even for your next Earth Day activity or birthday party? Children love ladybugs and delight in face painting. Try these easy makeup and face painting ideas and designs.

Why choose this garden bug?

Backyard ladybugs make kids laugh. Fly-away ladybugs prompt nursery rhymes and song. It's no wonder children delight in the garden bug's face painting ideas and designs.They wear ladybug costumes, walk around with red bugs on their arms, and drag ladybug plush toys behind them.

Ladybug face painting ideas are everywhere

Finding ladybug face painting ideas is easy. They are prized insects and the favorite backyard garden bug of many. You can tell how popular ladybugs are by all the many venues where ladybugs are found. Ladybugs populate books, teapots, costumes, gardens, jewelry, toys, pillows, and décor. You find them everywhere in the culture.

These dainty garden insects are lucky bugs, too

What is it about them? Is it the bright red colors and the black polka-dots that make us smile? Do we somehow know of their good luck charm effect? Maybe it's the fun of counting their spots. Whatever it is, we love them.

Select from a variety of ladybug face painting designs

You'll find a number of ways to paint the little red bugs on faces from a full face ladybug to a ladybug crown. Ever thought about puckering up ladybug lips? How about batting ladybug eyes? All this and more is featured below.


The march of the lady bugs

The march of the lady bugs
The march of the lady bugs

Are you ready to become a ladybug?

Would you dress up like a ladybug and paint your face?

Ladybug face painting checklist - Eight tips to paint a ladybug face

Even if you're going to do something as simple as painting a ladybug on someone's face, it's good to have a plan. Maybe you have your own ideas of what a ladybug should look like. Maybe not. Perhaps you'd like to see what others have done with the common garden ladybug. Here's a quick overview.

  1. Study real ladybugs so you know their basic structure.
  2. Find inspiration from many sources such as toys, décor, books, art, photographs, and even real life.
  3. Decide on a face painting design.
  4. Make a quick sketch of your idea and block out the colors.
  5. Watch the face painting videos to see how others have applied the makeup and what tools and makeup they have used.
  6. Gather the makeup and tools you plan to use.
  7. Begin face painting. (You may or may not want to video yourself painting.)
  8. When you're finished, take a photograph of the ladybug face.

Famous celebrity ladybug is a grouch - The Grouchy Ladybug is a favorite children's book character

Not all ladybugs are smiling. Yes, they are cute, sweet, and adorable, but not everyone sees them that way. Certainly not Eric Carle, a picture book author who wrote a story about a very grouchy one. Over the last twenty years, she's spread her wings. Today our celebrity bug is not only found in books but in toys, videos, and puppetry. She is one very famous but still grouchy ladybug.

The Grouchy Ladybug
The Grouchy Ladybug
The Grouchy Ladybug is 20 years old. If you haven't read this children's classic, then maybe it's about time you did.

Where to find Ladybug faces

Draw your inspiration from many different places.

Study real ladybugs - Sources for face painting designs are everywhere

The best inspiration is the real ladybug

When it comes to painting a ladybug's face, the best way to start is by looking at the real live insect. If you don't have any in your backyard, then photography is your next best bet.

Photographs are everywhere

Photographers love the bugs, too. You can tell simply by the large number of great photographs of ladybugs that are available on the Internet. A simple Google image search will provide you with hours of photos to study and give you a real idea of the basic structure of a realistic ladybug.


Toymakers love ladybugs - Some ladybug faces are exagerrated

The plush toys have sweet faces

Children love ladybugs so toy makers love them, too. You'll find a never-ending source of ladybugs to gather even more ideas for your ladybug face. In addition you'll begin to identify the main components and identify the elements you like. Not all ladybugs are red. Some are orange or a yellow-orange.

Masks provide the garden bug face with a sense of style - Want to paint a dramatic ladybug face?

Create a mask with flair

Every Halloween children and adults dress up like ladybugs so costume makers always have masks available. Masks are interesting because they can offer you various stylistic approaches to the ladybug's face.

Faces on ladybug teapots are full of whimsy - Prefer more playful face painting designs?

These teapots are colorful and fun

Ladybug teapots are perennial favorites and you'll always find them for sale online at Amazon and eBay in addition to department stores and even vintage and antique shops. Often they are whimsical, so you can get a real sense of creating a playful ladybug face by looking at various tea pots like this one featured below.

Ladybug Ceramic Teapot - 42 Ounces -
Ladybug Ceramic Teapot - 42 Ounces -
Who wouldn't want to have this Miss Ladybug teapot? Talk about whimsical and playful. She's bound to make you smile. I love the rose colored blush on those big plump cheeks.

Look to garden art for fun faces - There are many different face painting designs

Garden ladybugs have style

Gardeners love these bugs, too, because the dainty insects feast on aphids, a gardener's curse. A good gardener will always encourage ladybugs to stay in her garden. You'll find a lot of styles when it comes to ladybugs as garden décor. The ladybug girl below is just one.

Face Painting Supplies

Makeup and face painting supplies and kits

Have an Earth Day face painting party - Face painting supplies, face painting kits, even face paint sticks

Go small or go big. Once you've painted one ladybug face, why not do another? What if you were to have a ladybug face painting party? A face painting party is a great way to celebrate Earth Day and definitely counts as an Earth day activity. You can even make it part of a larger project featuring ladybugs.

Check out these supplies and kits. You'll find everything you need to share the ladybug love using a face painting activity. Imagine all those sweet ladybug faces smiling up at you. What fun.

Ready to try your hand at face painting? - Maybe a face painting kit can help you get your started

If you've never tried your hand at face painting, the Klutz Face Painting kit is a great resource. Plenty of ideas to stimulate your creativity or that of your child's as well as a great book full of fun painted faces.

Klutz Face Painting Craft Kit
Klutz Face Painting Craft Kit
Everything you need to get started. Kids can paint other kids, kids can paint themselves, or parents can dab a little paint on their child's face to create that cool ladybug. Do recommend Klutz kits.

How to paint a ladybug face

Face painting tutorials

Learn how to paint a simple ladybug face

Easy ladybug face painting - Ladybug face painting tips and ideas

How to make a ladybug - Ladybug costume and face painting ideas

Create a ladybug face with makeup

You'll have to read the English subtitles but it works.

Become a ladybug - Use these ladybug makeup tips to create the ultimate lady bug look

How about some Ladybug Lips! - Fun ladybug makeup tutorial and ladybug face painting design

You can play with this and create ladybug lips for any age.

How to create fun ladybug eye makeup - Great ladybug face painting idea

Ladybug face crown makeup - Fast and easy way to do ladybug makeup

The first one is of a dolphin. The second one is the ladybug crown.

More on Ladybugs


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